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JAGIRL Sep 21st, 2006 10:03 AM

Caribbean Pics anyone?
I just clicked through the Caribbean Travel and Life Photo Contest 2006. What beauties!

JAGIRL Sep 21st, 2006 10:04 AM

Oh! BTW,

Please feel free to share any Caribbean photo links you have. :D

Carrybean Sep 21st, 2006 03:42 PM

This was taken today& it's a view of Magens Bay:

Carrybean Sep 21st, 2006 03:44 PM

Sorry, the photo is big. I forgot to resize it. Anyway, the island sort of on the left is Hans Lollick. In the distance on the right, is St. John.

brenandg Sep 21st, 2006 04:23 PM

Thanks for the link JAGIRL, the pictures were awesome. Lots of great pics of the Jamaican people and children too. I was kind of fun trying to guess where the picture was taken. I didn't fare very well.

twigsbuddy Sep 21st, 2006 05:06 PM

Jagirl, the photos were beautiful, amusing,and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing. One look and WHY would anyone want to go anywhere else?

JAGIRL Sep 21st, 2006 05:37 PM

Carrybean! WOW!!! What a view!! Spectacular.

Here's another photoblog on Jamaica. Anybody want to see what the infamous Scotchie's looks like :)

caribtraveler Sep 21st, 2006 05:47 PM

I have a subscription to the magazine. The yearly photo contest is always my favorite part.

Carrybean: The colors in that photo are vibrant.

JAGIRL Sep 25th, 2006 08:19 PM

Has anybody seen these pics of Statia's beautiful home? Pictures taken by Statia herself! :D


Carrybean Sep 26th, 2006 03:13 AM

Just lovely!

christiegr Sep 26th, 2006 04:57 AM


Your picture is makes me wanna jump onto a plane right now!:)


Carrybean Sep 26th, 2006 02:43 PM

Well come on down, Christie. I've never seen it this clear at this time of year. No Sahara dust, etc. Of course, that dust is supposed to help protect us from hurricanes but so far, so good.

Carrybean Sep 26th, 2006 02:44 PM

By the way, after seeing Statia's pics, I wish I'd gone there when I was in Sint Maarten.

christiegr Sep 26th, 2006 05:49 PM

Yes so far it has not been a bad hurricane season.We had a little flooding here in NC from Ernesto, but not the normal activity we usually have. (thank god!):)


JAGIRL Sep 26th, 2006 05:54 PM

I wonder where all the tourists were in Statia's pictures! :))

Carrybean Sep 27th, 2006 03:36 AM

Christie, that last one looked like it might hit your neighborhood but luckily it went the other direction.

Jagirl, that's one reason to go there! Lets all go visit Statia!

JAGIRL Sep 27th, 2006 05:37 PM

Hey, tell me how to get there by taking only one flight and I'll be there next week! :))

Here's a collection on Jamaica - mainly Negril- by a gentleman named Martin. I think he died shortly thereafter. Great pics. They really capture the essence of Jamaica.
Love the one with the hummingbird.

Carrybean Sep 28th, 2006 03:30 AM

What great photos! Martin's love for Jamaica really shines through.

Canuck_at_Canada_eh Oct 3rd, 2006 06:11 PM

Here's the link to my slideshow from the Spanish Colonial city of Trinidad Cuba. Shot between Christmas and New Years last year.;interval=6

JAGIRL Oct 3rd, 2006 06:57 PM

I love those Canuck...just lovely.

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