Cap Juluca or Jumby Bay? Somewhere else?

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Cap Juluca or Jumby Bay? Somewhere else?

We are planning a 25th-year anniversary trip for Sept., and are searching for an alternative to our favorite place - Caneel Bay on St. John. Caneel is booked for the timeframe we are looking at, plus we would like to try someplace new. My only hesitation with Cap Juluca is that we usually prefer a hilly/mountainous terrain - feels more cozy. We enjoy great food/wine, as well as great beaches/snorkeling. Usually avoid large, commercial resorts and aren't interested in nightlife. Mainly like "get away from it all" destinations. Have been to Little Dix Bay, but were a little disappointed - not quite up to par with Caneel Bay. Loved Petit St. Vincent too, but don't want to travel quite that far this time. We're looking at a week to ten days. Would really like to find a once-in-a-lifetime type destination for this trip.
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We also are big fans of Caneel Bay.

Anguilla is fabulous, but nothing like St. John---no lush landscaping except around hotels. Kind of scruby. That said, the beaches and restaurants are top of the line, hard to beat.

IMO,Antigua is a bit more lush, but just not our favorite(been there twice). Haven't been to Jumby Bay though, that looks fabulous if you plan on staying in your resort the whole time.

How about Sandy Lane, Barbados? Way above our budget but we did visit there when we stayed down the beach from there. Very high end and gorgeous. Oops, you said you don't want to travel that far.

How about St. Bart's? Been there 3 times, expensive, but so lovely. Absolutely stunning resorts to choose from, hilly and lush, outstanding food, and fun to have a car----easy to drive around. For once-in-a-lifetime this would fit the bill if you like the French influence.

Another favorite of ours is Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos (headed there for the 3rd time next week). Many outstanding resorts on a very stunning beach. Extremely easy to get to, and again the restaurants are some of the best. On the downside, it is not at all like St. John. Lush around the resorts, but rather scruby elsewhere. Even though there are many resorts along Grace Bay, the beach is wide and never feels crowded.

Good Luck, have fun choosing!
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Guana Island?
Peter Island?
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I have to say we have stayed at Caneel a few times and I
love the beaches, the snorkeling but not all the restaurants
on the property. We went there after meeting a travel writer
at Cap Juluca---in the 90's, who thought we would enjoy it--
and we did. We also tried Little Dix, but liked St. John
better for the variety of the dining spots. We stopped
going to Caneel in 2001---too many day trippers at lunch
at the beach grill, and did not appreciate the corporate
hospitality groups during Janurary high season. We then
made Jumby Bay our winter place.

The new Jumby bay is wonderful, so relaxing, everything
first class, quiet and private. Snorkeling is not good-
but everything else is lovely. Just got back a few weeks

We also adore Anguilla, and have stayed at Cap Juluca many
many times. I love the beach, the staff, the waterfront
dining--plus lots of little beach bar restaurants all within
10 driving minutes of the hotel. It outclasses Caneel in many ways. The island is flat and arid, but so nice.

Hope this helps a bit--
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We stayed at Jumby Bay in July 2007 for our Honeymoon. It was absolutely wonderful. We have traveled extensively and would not hesitate to go back to Jumby Bay. Also, from what I understand they just finished a renovation. They have bicycles to get around the island or you can call and within minutes they will send someone in a golf cart to pick you up. You can also board their ferry to go back to Antigua for a fee. We did do this one night for dinner.
I have also been to Caneel Bay and the Weston St. John....What can I say .....St. John is beautiful and I have returned a few times. Caneel Bay is charming. It has been there for a very long time. I would stay at Caneel Bay before the Weston St. John. St John offers more....including a ferry ride to neighboring islands but Jumby Bay was perfect for just relaxing. Feel free to contact me if you would like more specific information.....
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Thanks for all the great info.! Since both Jumby and Cap sound great, I think we are going to let price decide and go with Cap Juluca. We were sort of leaning that way anyway, and you can't beat their "Linger Longer - Stay 5 Nights Get 5 Nights Free" deal. Maybe we'll try Jumby on the next visit! Any suggestions on which room type we should go for? Is it worth a day-trip to St. Maarten to eat and/or shop? Sounds like there are lots of great places to eat on Anguilla!
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Don't forget to factor in the price at Jumby includes all meals and drinks.
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I went to Anguilla for my 15th wedding anniversary two years ago with my wife. I stayed in one of the Villas on the beach for 5 nights and had an incredible time. I traveled with We stayed on the Shoal Bay beach, which I think could be the most beautiful beach in the world. I recommend contacting capricorne, we are traveling with them again this year to the Algarve Coast in Portugal.
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We just got back...I would recommend staying at least one villa off Blue restaurant (a.m. noise). Check out the map on Cap's site. We were in 9-4 (upper floor) and thought it was perfect. Love the privacy of the upper floor (we've been to CJ three times and only every stayed on an upper floor). We booked a superior through our travel agent/classic and got upgrade to luxury (upper floor) room. Also, go to the managers cocktail party on monday, it's nice to meet the staff. The beach bbq at blue on monday is cheaper than friday and really good. We love tastys (have been there each trip, no view but great food), the rock chicken at koal keel (which you need to order 24hrs in advance), smokeys (the ribs are amazing and we're told the smoked burger is incredible). Tried Veya, Luna Rossa and Barrel Stay for the first time and would highly recommend them all. We have a great cabbie(Monsel Richardson), who also rents cars if you're interested. CJ can get ahold of him or I can send his # along. Have a wonderful anniversary.
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We have been to Anguilla well over 30 times and love it. Don't want to throw a wrench into your plans but am surprised nobody has mentioned that Anguillas restaurants and resorts virtually shut down during Sept and Oct for maintemance, refurbishment and vacations. Last year was the first that Cap stayed open. Part of the fun of Anguilla is exploring the other resorts, excellent restaurants beaches etc but there will be slim pickings in Sept. If you are fine with just staying and eating at Cap go for it but if it were me I would go in August or wait till early Nov to celebrate your anniversary
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We just returned from a wonderful trip to Sandy lane in Barbados. Pricey, but so is Cap. From what i'm told they haven't had a hurricane in many years, maybe bc they are so close to the equator. It will be hot, for sure, but what a wonderful resort. I'm going to write a trip report soon.
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You might want to check out Turks and Caicos.
Not hilly , but the most gorgeous stretch of beach and many other beaches to explore other than Grace Bay.
Many top notch resorts to enjoy.
Check out The Somerset, Regent palms and Point Grace to name a few.
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Just back from Anguilla and stayed half the week at Cap Juluca. I wholeheartedly agree with HowardC above in that part of the fun on Anguilla is exploring other resorts, restaurants, beaches, etc. Our worst meal of the entire week was lunch one day at the on-site CJ restaurant. Thank goodness it was complimentary through our travel agent because the prices were high and the quality sub par to the other delicious meals we enjoyed on the island. Even if it was free again, I don't think we'd choose to eat at Blue since far better fare is available by walking down the beach to Trattoria Tramonto (thanks to penny for the recommendation before the trip) or Smokey's; I am not sure if they will be open in Sept/Oct.

I plan to post a trip report online soon with more details, but we loved exploring Anguilla. Such a charming vacation. Initially we kept thinking back to our stay at Jumby Bay in 2004 (pre-renovation) which we loved, but as the week progressed we grew to enjoy the dirt road drives, beach visits, and restaurants on Anguilla. We'd love to combine the two islands like Penny does on a return trip. They are very different. Jumby is definitely more quiet and private depending on what you are looking for in an anniversary vacation. CJ was quite noisy at times (we were in villa 8) though we were told they were at 80% occupancy during our stay which may be different during your trip.
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I am hijacking reading/responding to this thread! Dale88, thank you for all those details ... I've already cut and pasted them into a file I'm starting for our trip to CJ in JANUARY (hey, seven months of anticipation is included in the price LOL ... I will definitely save your wonderful cabbie's name!!!) ...

August04, looking forward to your trip report and doing the same ...

We've reserved an ocean luxury room and I know we can't be guaranteed the "requested" villas but did look at the map and selected preference on ones that seem to be halfway between club and cabanas, so not right next to a bar ...

Question for those of you who have been there ... I know the "private pool villas" (14-19) are among the ones that have "our" level rooms, but am I correct in assuming that if we have an oceanfront luxury room we DO NOT have access to those private pools, they only belong to the people in that building with that specific room? Thinking that was the case, we did NOT request one of them but rather, I think, 4-5 or 8-9-10.

Hey, we'll be happy with whatever we get ... SO excited about this trip. Our last big beach vacation as a family before our awesome daughter graduates college and moves across the country. Not that she can't travel with us in the future (hope she will, even/especially when grandkids come with the deal!) but this will be the last one while she is still somewhat "free" and we can all just relax and have a wonderful time. We're all about chilling on a gorgeous beach, water sports (though not too athletic), great meals and good wine. Maybe one night over in St. Martin to dabble at a casino and eat at La Vie En Rose, where we went on the last night of our honeymoon
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Yes you are correct that the the private pools belong to the people in those villas. All the rooms in C are oceanfront rooms, but the only ones with private pools are the oceanfront private pool suites.
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jazziecazzie, I don't know if it helps, but the private pools were not visible from the beach during our walks. So my assumption is that the private pools are on the road side and any luxury room in 14-19 would not be in view of a pool that they didn't have access to - you'd have the same ocean view as all the other luxury rooms. Penny and emcash will probably know for sure; Penny has an detailed map of CJ rooms.

Having stayed in villa 8 (luxury room upstairs #4), I would not recommend that one if they will be at full occupancy and if you are looking for privacy/quiet. There was a good bit of noise (carts coming/going and staff conversations) since we were only one villa away from Blue.

Only about halfway done transcribing my chicken scratch into a trip report, but hope to post soon. Enjoy your seven months of anticipation - that is half the fun! (Well, maybe not half, but it is enjoyable to read about paradise...)
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One of the first rooms we stayed in at CJ was a pool villa
luxury room. These rooms are beachfront, lower rooms --
also can be bedrooms when renting the entire villa sort
of like the downstairs of a 2 story house---separate hall
and exterior entrance. The pool is very large-yes facing the road--walled in and for use by the pool villa suites only. The pool is very private and the pool suites are stunning.

August04 I am so glad you had a good time--and jazziecazzie
you will be happy ---its a stunning beach no real wrong
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Cap Juluca = Crap Juluca.
The redo was only some painting and sheets for the villas, the rest of the money was spent on the lobby and one villa which is a show villa because they are trying to sell the villas.
expect to hear the answer "no" when you request something out of the norm, like getting towels down on the beach because the staff is not anywhere to be found. The pool is a dump. the villas are dirty -- dead bugs smashed on the walls, rugs turned upside down because they are old and dirty, holes in the path, which cut my daughters foot when she tripped in one. mosquitos everywhere and their answer to it is spray. ants are worse, their answer, here's a can of spray. go to the Isle de France. the Viceroy was flooding but they were nice, the rooms were clean and always a yes. the manager saw me standing in the Viceroy lobby during a rainstorm and took my keys to personally park my car. at Crap Juluca, the owner Andy offered to serve us a dinner on the beach for the price of a regular diner in the restaurant (as a gesture for our friends birthday) -- this after we had spent $80k for Christmas over ten days. that's his idea of a gesture. gimme a break.
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