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TN Dec 16th, 1999 08:31 AM

Caneel Bay - Which rooms?
I am planning a honeymoon at Caneel Bay and am having trouble deciding which rooms to reserve. I intended to reserve Premium rooms on Scott Beach but they are not available for that week. Of the other rooms, which offer the best balance of privacy, view, expense, etc? Are "Beach Front" worth paying more for or are "Ocean View" just as good, etc. Open to all suggestions.

Louis Dec 16th, 1999 02:38 PM

Based on our choice where we stayed a long time ago, we would pick a single level room that is on the water but not the beach about in the middle of the property. I don't know what the catagory is since Caneel Bay changed hands since we were there. They are very private and you don't want to be on the beach as you will move from beach to beach anyway. The units sit on a rocky bank several feet above the water. If I remember they were in groups of two units with nothing else near. We never heard anything but the insects at night and it is a lovely walk to and from dinner. They might be in the ocean view catagory today but I would not want a unit with two levels. If I had a map of the place I would be able to locate the area that I recommend. If I remember they were sort of in the middle price range.

Karen Dec 16th, 1999 04:45 PM

Too bad! My second choice for rooms is Hawksnest. Two storied buildings (rooms up or down) on the beach. Great tradewinds and lovely view. Smaller beach than Scott's but short walk across to Scott's from Hawksnest. Hawksnest gets early am sun ... Scott's, late afternoon. Think the poster is referring to Turtle Beach which is nearer the Turtle Bay Estate House ... very small beach and rooms hillside with steps down to the beach. The other beachfront is Caneel Beach near the common area, Caneel Terrace Restaurant, Bar, Dock, etc. That beach is usually busier and I have never been in the rooms there. Cottage 7 is on the point between Caneel Beach and Scott's, A walk down to Scott's. It was the original Rockefeller House. There is also Tennis Court and Garden rooms ... but I personally would never go to Caneel and not stay beachfront! Can't help with superior, premium designations as I only refer and use the beach names. Have them fax or mail you a copy of the map of the property ... and keep your fingers crossed, sometimes there are cancellations and you can move into Scotts!

Dave Dec 17th, 1999 04:59 PM

We stayed on the second floor in the buildings just above the main complex - it was ocean view. It was quiet, good view, near breakfast. We went swimming and snorkling at all the beaches. It was very good, and we would do that again. There are buses which take you around the property, but you can also walk. I would also suggest not staying in the garden view. We got the dining package, but would suggest a car and dining around the island.

Amelia Dec 19th, 1999 05:54 AM

Hi TN, <BR> <BR> Try room number 25 on Caneel Beach. It is the furthest beachfront room from the main area on Caneel Beach. <BR>It is similar to Scott except that Scott is more private in that it is hidden from the main area by the point at Caneel Beach. <BR> If money is no object, try the rooms in Cottage 7, they are adjacent to <BR>Scott Beach. Have fun!

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