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cheryl Dec 20th, 1999 07:37 PM

Caneel Bay amenities
Does anyone know if Caneel Bay offers any spa services, like beachside massage? Also, how is the overall service at the resort? Any other input as to whether this is a great honeymoon spot is appreciated, we need to decide asap! <BR>Cheryl and Scott <BR>June 2000

Julie Dec 21st, 1999 07:46 AM

Cheryl: <BR>Check out Caneel Bay does offer massages -- I noticed they are included in some of their packages, including the Pure Romance Package. <BR>The service is supposed to be great there. It has received top 5 ratings for service in the Caribbean. Supposed to be a great honeymoon spot. In fact, I am going there for my honeymoon in June 2000. Maybe we'll see you there!

Emily Connolly Dec 21st, 1999 11:51 AM

Caneel Bay is one of the most beautiful properties in the Caribbean. We honeymooned there 29 years ago ( I was only 5!!) and we have been back a few times - the last time was about 2 years ago. It reamins beautiful - the service is impeccable and you will have a beautiful honeymoon there. I like the rooms on Hawksnest Beach best. Book it!!

Ted Dec 21st, 1999 08:56 PM

Quite frankly, the "beauty" of the place escapes me!!

Karen Dec 22nd, 1999 05:59 PM

Although individuals have preferences, I happen to love the unspoiled beauty and magnificant grounds and beaches of Caneel. It certainly is not the well-manicured green lawns, transplanted palm trees, man-made beaches and chlorine pools that others prefer but it is pristine and lovely with no phones, TV's and other noises to pollute the environment! Just walk to each of the seven beaches and discover the uniqueness of each! Check out the grounds with the discreet signs that identify those plants you might not know. When you leave, please leave only your footprints so the beauty can remain for the future as those who traveled before us did for us!

Ted Dec 22nd, 1999 10:18 PM

Madam, I suggest you try Hawaii or Tahiti for some REAL beauty!!!

Karen Dec 23rd, 1999 03:23 AM

Thought this was about the Caribbean and specifically Caneel ... if you want Tahiti, the South Seas or even Hawaii, that's a whole different topic! Happy travels and a Merry Merry to you!

jeff Dec 23rd, 1999 04:24 AM

Ted has a good point. We have this Carribenan forum and people get upset if you wander past the Atlantic/Gulf. If I want a place with natural beauty with amenities and a lack of "seediness", which forum/country should I focus. I have heard great things about Bali, mixed things about Hawaii (Maui spoiled by the traffic jams); Caymans (town does not live up to the hype unless you like banks). Is Fiji worth 25 hours in a plane? I don't expect responses to this general e-mail, but it is unfortunate that comparing Caneel with Hawaii would get such a reaction. I guess the prevailing view is "my way or the highway".

Julie Dec 23rd, 1999 07:29 AM

Ted and Jeff: <BR>There is nothing wrong with mentioning other places you like... if someone wants help choosing between different locales. This message board happens to be specifically about Caneel Bay, that's all. No one doubts the beauty of the places you have mentioned. Happy holidays to all.

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