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Miller Dec 11th, 2001 07:11 AM

Cancun vs. Caribbean (again?)
PREDICAMENT: Daughter in expensive college. Parents in high-stress jobs and MUST get away in January. Hotel Oasis Cancun any good? (Found a deal on SkyAuction.) I like what I'm reading about Sandals St. Lucia, Negril and Bahamas, but how expensive?

Melissa Dec 11th, 2001 01:08 PM

you should do good in Cancun. Are you taking your daughter? if you are you can't go to Sandals. If you are not, then I would go to Sandals and get away from it all. Cancun is very touristy and was designed for American tourists, so you will be in a big city. I did find it great though. I was there on my spring break in 2nd year of college. If you are taking your daughter, she will probibly like Cancun.

Sue Dec 11th, 2001 04:55 PM

There is no comparison between Sandals and Cancun. Sandals is much nicer, but also way more expensive. But, no kids allowed at Sandals (which is in my opinion wonderful!!).

Kim Dec 11th, 2001 06:42 PM

Sandals all the way they are having very good sales right now is the time to book. We are returnees of Sandals every year.?'s just email me.I have been to Sandals Negril, the Sandals in the Bahamas and most of them in Jamaica, and in St.Lucia.

Kim Dec 11th, 2001 06:45 PM

I was just quoted a 7 day stay at the Sandals in Antigue for $2600 that for 2 with airfair, and $2800 for a week at the Royal Caribbean Sandlas in Jamaica. Great prices.

e Dec 11th, 2001 07:21 PM

It's a 3* hotel, that while it's seen better days, it still enjoys a great location. Bottom line ---it's not the Ritz, but if you got a GREAT deal, you'll be happy just to be in Cancun and in a great location.JMHO

Miller Dec 12th, 2001 03:57 AM

Thanks for the help, all. To clarify: Daughter is NOT coming along. I'm leaning toward Sandals. Oasis price was about $800 less than the Antiqua quote you got, Kim, but sounds like it's worth it. Is the Bahamas location cheaper, since it's closer?

Melissa Dec 12th, 2001 04:08 AM

If she is not, then definatly Sandals. I would recommend Sandals Negril or Royal Bahimian.

Jim Dec 12th, 2001 05:25 AM

Kim, where did you get that quote from on Antigua and where are does your flight originate? And when are you going?<BR>I just received a quote from Liberty Travel-who usually gets prety good prices from Sandals-of $4064 for 8 days for two people starting January 19th, including air. We would leave from JFK.

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