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Melissa Mar 23rd, 1997 08:55 PM

Cancun OR Cozumel?
My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon to Mexico. The only problem is we cannot decide between Cancun or Cozumel. We would like a romantic location, but also where there are lots of things to do, such as golf, fishing, shopping and a nightlife. Which do we choose?

Mark Klemm Mar 26th, 1997 12:44 PM

Saw your message regarding your honeymoon. If you want romantic, go to Cozumel. If you want lots of activities, nightlife, golf, and shopping, go to Cancun. Outside of scuba diving and shopping, there is very little to do in Cozumel. I love Cozumel, in fact, I like it better than Cancun. But I'm a diving fanatic, and all I want in a vacation is good diving and little else.

Good luck, and congratulations!

Ron Mar 26th, 1997 01:01 PM

You can achieve both objectives in Cancun. There are numerous romantic restaurants, and the beaches are very safe for late night strolls. And activities abound, more than you can squeeze in.

Tracey Apr 2nd, 1997 09:05 AM

I have been to both Cozumel and Cancun. Cozumel is prettier, more natural. Also more primitive.
Be aware that most hotels in Cozumel are not on the
beach. Stay at the Intercontintal Presidente -- on the beach and good snorkeling right there. I was
not impressed with the food, shopping or nightlife
in Cozumel, but it was very pretty. Cancun is
definitely better if you want lots of restaurants - it's almost like you never left the states.

Leo Mutchler Apr 22nd, 1997 04:41 PM

I have to agree with Mark's response. Cozumel is the greatest for a laid back, romantic, no hassle vacation. But, if you want to be entertained, forget it. Long quiet walks, snorkeling or diving and sightseeing, great but disco's, nightlife and street peddlers, no. I've been there three times and can't wait to go back.

Jean E. Bowers May 16th, 1997 11:45 AM

Just an idea, why don't you go for the week in Cancun and take a day trip to Cozumel? There are so many things to do and see in and around Cancun it is not possible to become restless. A sunset dinner cruise is a must. The sunsets are unbelieveable they are so beautiful. There are several restaurants that are on the lagoon side with outdoor dining. A soft warm breez and colored lights reflecting off of the water makes for a grand setting and some wonderful memories.

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