CANCUN! Coral Beach/Condessa Hotel


Jun 3rd, 1998, 06:28 AM
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CANCUN! Coral Beach/Condessa Hotel

My husband and I are trying to decide on which Fiesta Americana Hotel to stay. I welcome your comments regarding the beach, service and which hotel is the best.Thank you very much in advance.
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Jun 3rd, 1998, 10:31 AM
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I haven't stayed at any of the Fiesta Americanas, but I have visited the FA Coral Beach a couple of times. The hotel almost has a museum quality to it (very swanky), and is probably the best hotel in Cancun. We saw one of their rooms once (they're all called junior suites), but weren't overly impressed. I think we expected them to be as luxurious as the rest of the hotel. Still, it was very nice. This hotel is on the bay side, which means the water is calm and always swimmable (seaweed may occasionally be a problem, but I'm sure they rake it up). We got to look at the pool and grounds (very nice), but it was night and couldn't see much of the beach. It has an excellent location, right across from the Convention Center, and central to several shopping plazas. But I don't many people who can afford to stay there -- even on our travel agent discount it was going to be $150/night, and this was three or four years ago. As for the other two Fiestas, I understand that the Fiesta Americana has the better location of the two, but that the Condesa, which was built for a Miss Universe pageant several years back, is a prettier property.
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Jun 8th, 1998, 12:43 PM
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Been to Cancun five times and no doubt about it - the Coral Beach is the best in Cancun. We had a regular suite ( There are Junior Suites and regular suites ) and it was huge! If you want more detail, you can email me.
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Jul 1st, 1998, 10:08 PM
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If the ultimate in luxury is what you seek, the Ritz-Carlton Cancun will fulfill all your expectations. It is certainly the "best" hotel in the resort.
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