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Dilermando Mar 3rd, 2007 05:21 AM


A group of divers, 12 brazilians plus a dutchman living in Brazil, have been arbitrarily arrested, handcuffed, abused, threatened and plundered in Nassau (Bahamas), where they arrived via Cuba, planning to dive there.

Expelled on March 1st., they told they were keept for 20 hours in a prison for illegal immigrants. No food, no water, men and women kept apart. At night, the cops threatened the divers with their weapons, and amused themselves telling “you are here because you are brazilians”.

Last insult, before being dumped in a plane and expelled, the cops confiscated their money. Nassau authorities have not given any explanation so far. The fact worries brazilian officials.

source: Folha de São Paulo, March 3rd. 2007

jacketwatch Mar 3rd, 2007 05:29 AM

Got an English translation? This one is in Portugese.

Scubagirl Mar 3rd, 2007 08:42 AM

Can't read the link - but my first thought was.. do they have valid papers and passports? 2nd - were they diving for "treasure" without a permit?

There are laws and rules to be followed. The bahamas gets 100's of illegals entering the country every week. Whether there on the guise of diving or not.. illegal is illegal.

The jails in the bahamas-and most of the caribbean are not like in the states. You DON'T want to be jailed.
Seems they were not treated any differently than anyone else suspected of breaking the law.

Robert59 Mar 3rd, 2007 12:32 PM

The Royal Bahamian Defense Force and Royal Bahamian Police Force are stretched thin keeping illegal Haitians from entering the country illegally. It is a real dilemma for the country. They do not tolerate any illegals, from any country. Scubagirl is right, you don't want to spend a night at the Carmichael Detention facility or at Fox Hill Prison. Robert59

jacketwatch Mar 4th, 2007 05:51 AM

FYI I asked a fellow I know in Portugal to translate the article. Below is his synopis of that text:
"Hi Larry,

According to that news the men were hand cuffed without any explanation on arrival. They were sent to a detention center for illegal immigrants, where they were kept for 20h without food or water. Contact with exterior was also cut. After that they were taken back to the airpot and sent back to Cuba (their previous stop). Seems they were victims of cohacion and extorsion.

According to the news they were there on tourism for 3 days and Brasilians need no visa in Bahamas, so I fail to see what's illegal."

Robert59 Mar 4th, 2007 06:16 AM

jacketwatch and others; I've done research on the Bahamian prison system. That place "for illegal immigrants" would be the Carmichael Detention Centre, which I alluded to in the above post. I'm writing a novel about my reef surveys in the Bahamas. Here's a portion of Chapter 7. NO, you don't want to go to jail in the Bahamas. Robert59

Chapter 7

Cory was puzzled as to why Detective Symonette, Milo the “Messener’s son, and the two uniformed constables transported him to the Carmichael Detention Centre instead of District Headquarters in downtown Nassau. After all, that is where Deputy Commander Ellison Rolle’s office was. New Providence has several policing divisions, each headed by a commander and deputy commander.
Why would Rolle, the mole I recruited years ago in the RBPF, order them to bring me here…to this decrepit place?
After his arrest at the British Colonial Hotel, the police cruiser drove to this government-neglected hell hole. It was situated in the middle of a treeless field outside Nassau, in the baking sun, surrounded by razor wire and guard towers. They marched him through the overcrowded prison area, which housed illegal Cuban and Haitian immigrants. All were dressed in orange tank tops and swimming trunks. Cory glanced at the crowded cells, each warehousing a half dozen inmates sharing four beds. The stench from human sweat and feces was overpowering. Most compartments had broken toilets and sinks. The prison guards brandished pepper spray, batons, stun guns, and 9 mm Barretas. His escorts took him up to the second floor into a sweltering office and ordered him to sit down.
An hour passed while he waited for Deputy Commander Rolle. The ceiling fan spun slowly; the aging air conditioner rattled while spewing out a paltry amount of cool air. He was confident that Milo notified Pinkston the moment of his arrest, who immediately sent a burst transmission to CBIF Headquarters in Key West. From there, General Morrison’s staff would have notified Deputy Commander Rolle in Nassau on his secure cell phone.
Suddenly, his three keepers seated on a bench outside the door rose and saluted. Rolle entered the room with a thick manila folder, sat down behind an old desk and ordered his constables to wait for further orders downstairs. He waited until their footsteps faded away before speaking.
“Well, Mistah Pearson, we do meet again…after ten years at least?“
Cory rubbed his manacled wrists against his knees. The handcuffs were put on tightly. “It’s been a while, Deputy Commander. I see you‘ve come up through the ranks quite impressively from the time you enlisted in the Royal Bahamas Police Force. Street constable, then promoted to Corporal, Sergeant, inspector, then Chief Inspector…finally Deputy Commander. Lots of promotions in a short time.” All because of my help. You’re indebted to me and you know it.
Rolle tossed a small handcuff key to Cory. It landed on his lap. “I take it you know how to uncuff yourself. You know lots ‘bout me. Must have thick dossier on me at the organization you work for…whatever and wherever it is.”
Cory couldn’t rotate his wrists to free himself from the triple-hinged American made Hiatt heavy-duty cuffs, so he clenched the cuff keys in his teeth and promptly unlocked them.
The RBPF official smiled at Cory’s resourcefulness, then continued. “We have lots to talk about, Mistah Pearson, beginning with the shooting on Parliament Square.”
Cory rubbed his bruised wrists. “You know I didn’t shoot that man, so why did you have me arrested?”

Oh well; you get the picture. If you're arrested in any of the out islands, you're transported to Fox Hill prison or Carmichael Detention Centre in Nassau. Robert59

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