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susieQ122 Nov 19th, 2012 10:04 AM

booking accommodations thru expedia
I am putting together a trip to Turks & Caicos in the Spring for 4 adults, and was looking at the flight and accommodation package (not inclusive, just flight & accommodations) thru Expedia. We plan to book a 2 bedroom oceanfront unit at the Alexandra (we've stayed there in the past in an oceanview) and I am wondering if anyone has booked accommodations in T & C thru Expedia, at Alexandra in particular, and if so, was happy with what they found upon arrival. We definitely do not want a ground level room, but I am told you do not know what room you have until you arrive at the Alexandra, nor even which building you would be in.

Caribzack Nov 19th, 2012 11:41 AM

Ask this ? on Trip Advisor--it has been discussed

blamona Nov 19th, 2012 01:03 PM

Okay, here's my take:

90% of resorts in TCI, including Alexandra, are individually owned and placed in a rental pool treated as a resort. This means all units are rotated and whoevers turn it is, that's the unti you're going to get

Regardless of how you book it!

They have to be fair to all owners. The only exception, and not all resorts do this but Alexandra does, is through VRBO tells you exactly which unit.

Another but: this is effective through the beginning of April, after that the intro of VAT makes resorts go through the resort anyway.

Expedia is fine, like everyone else. They can save you money as a bundle because of airfare. If booking separate, you're better off directly with the resort. Sometimes they are willing to discount as they don't have to pay the referral booking fee. You're also removing a middle man if something happens. (for example, weather can affect, remove the middle man and things are solved better)

My best advice? Cost out a couple of ways. Cost out expedia. Cost out direct with owner. Try Costco travel. Also try

For air, try, continue to matrix. Smetimes there are cheaper flights than what expedia does.

When checking direct, tell them you've priced it elsewhere. Sometimes they can beat it. On occasion they can't.

Best price wins!

BellaClaire Nov 19th, 2012 04:31 PM

ITA is informational only....airfares can (and do) change frequently....I just booked 5 tickets on Expedia to St. Maarten...also, if you need to, you can call them and speak to one of their travel agents.

TPAYT Nov 20th, 2012 06:09 AM

We've booked through Expedia many times with good results but if you are very specific about which building or floor you are on I would go with VRBO to see your exact room. Even booking through the resort sometimes gets you a less than desireable room--they always say its up to "availability" and this doesn't always meet what you want.

We seem to do the best in the islands on our own and through either VRBO or HOMEAWAY and getting our air only through Expedia. We've probably done 10 or more packages through different sites over the years and only once were entirely happy with the room we were put into.

That siad, we did a package through Expedia to Barbados one time and had a terrible medical emergency. The Expedia agent on the island bent over backwards to help us in every way. In that case it was a good choice.

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