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rafferty Apr 2nd, 2006 08:07 AM

bluefield bay villas
can anyone give me any info on these villas? good staff? are the pictures on the site accurate? am thinking of taking family with three young children and want to make sure the ammenities, and beach is good for a family.
thank you

tivertonhouse Apr 2nd, 2006 09:18 AM

Very sweet, stoosh/expensive villas in
countryside, 60 min from MoBay and Negril, on oceanfront. HERMITAGE is
nicest, tho SAN MICHELE has its own
causeway-to-island (and there's nothing
quite so Ian Fleming as seeing a white-livried butler with silver salver of drinks heading your way...). HERMITAGE
along with Honeymoon, Cottonwood (both
smaller and Honeymoon subject to road noise) and the larger Mullion Cove are on one side of public Bluefields Bay
beach with a gardened path from all
villas to gate to beach. SAN MICHELE is on other side of beach and has small
beachlet but no access direct other
than seakayak/boat/windsurfer over to
Bluefields Bay beach. Staff are good, amenities likewise (you won't find this level outside Round Hill or the luxe MoBay villas). Self-contained enough
to be family-centric. With some good
daytrips or half-daytrips as well.
Tennis courts. A Thai-style masseur.
All the bells and whistles. Talk to
owner Debbie Montcure directly.

rafferty Apr 2nd, 2006 04:01 PM

thank you tiverton. that was very helpful. i have read your posts about Blue Lagoon Villas. can you give me some info on these?

tivertonhouse Apr 3rd, 2006 04:39 AM

Tho some are individually rented, there's an owners' syndicate out of UK that rents most of Blue Lagoon villas
which are white gingerbread stone fantasy places set in a row alongside
the lagoon/channel out to sea. The architecture is sweet , but for the money, Bluefields a better bet for privacy, amenities. It's also less of a hassle to get to.

tivertonhouse Apr 4th, 2006 01:18 AM

Would save Port Antonio until your kids a tad older as there's much to do here
that can't be done on South Coast. And
vice-versa. Bluefields area is changing faster than Porty, still a sleepy backwater hoping that next year is 'the one'...There's a new #@!$%# Riu hotel
now breaking ground in the Whitehouse/Culloden area near Sandals Whitehouse. The Montcures
held strong their case to preserve
Bluefields Bay beach which Riu, the fastest-growing developer on island and a Spanish concern, had eye-balled. I haven't been in San Michele since they added the second floor'it's behind stone walls right off Belmont Square.
If I my my druthers, Hermitage would be choice #1. It's really magical. There's a WONDERFUL detailed feature/coverstory (go to a library
for back issues since it's probably
not on-line)on Bluefields and the villas . Oct 2000 CARIBBEAN TRAVEL & LIFE.

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