Biras Creek, Little Dix Bay, or Long Bay???

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Biras Creek, Little Dix Bay, or Long Bay???

If you could go to one of these resorts, which one would you go to? Negatives seem to be:
Long Bay - rocky and can't swim there. sevice?
Biras - nothing to do after dinner?
Dix- ??

Please let me know as I am just researching all of these places. Thanks.
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Go to
She has reviews of these resorts and other helpful info
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The only negative about Little Dix is the price--otherwise its just about perfect. We just spent Xmas at Long Bay--the service was fine; in fact, the staff was among the friendliest we've ever encountered in the islands. I don't know why so many people complain. The beach at Long Bay is lovely, but you definitely have to navigate through some rocky areas in order to swim. Its a nice, laid back resort, and a good location for exploring other beaches on Tortola's north coast. But its no where near as luxurious as Little Dix. I don't know too much about Biras Creek, other than its a little isolated. You have to get there by launch, as there are no roads to that part of Virgin Gorda.
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I have been to all three since 1995. At the bottom is Long Bay, not that it hasn't some nice features: view, sandy beach, and nice accomodations if you choose the ones on the hill which are particularly roomy.
Next in ascending order is Little Dix. I know that many people love it. I found its landscaping and service to be the best of its many features, but found it crowded, without a very good view. The food was also very good. Overall, though, I found it kind of ordinary, i.e., no special aspect of LDB is an attraction for me.
At the top I put Biras Creek. It is definitely an exotic setting and much more focused toward couples than families, ranging from newly weds on up through the whole age spectrum. Its swim beach far surpasses both of the other resorts and the view from the beach is Tahiti-ish in its splendor. The privacy is exceptional; as another poster said, it can be too isolated for some, but we found it to be simply private. When we wanted to spend time on the rest of Virgin Gorda we would take one of the motor boats that are for the guests' use and motor across Gorda Sound, then go into town or wherever from there. Also being on Gorda Sound you have ample opportunity to go to numerous snorkeling sites or other resorts on your own. Regarding food, it's tough to say whether BC is better or not as good as LDB, but both are a whole lot better than LB. Another aspect of the dining experience is that at the center of BC is what is best described as a castle---a marvel of architecture---and the restaurant is at the top of the winding road up it. Sort of like something out of J.R.R. Tolkien's novels.
The weak point at Biras, we think, is that the quarters are smallish, although they are comfortable. I wish, too, that there was a roof over your patio, but that wasn't a real big deal.
As to "nothing to do after dinner" they had a band almost every night and it is an ideal place for a moonlight stroll.
A fourth place that I will mention, because it is our BVI favorite and represents the best value imo is Frenchmans Cay over on Tortola. You can read a lot about it here at Fodors by doing a search. Best view, best quarters, fewest other guests, but not as luxurious as the others. If terra cotta instead of marble would not cause you to turn up your nose, you might visit their website over at
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My finacee and I are going to Biras for our honeymoon in April. We can't wait and Roger's description has made us even more excited. One question about the rooms, we actually booked Biras over Peter Island b/c (among other things), we thought we might have a little more space. The rooms at Biras being "suites". When you say smallish rooms, what are you comparing that to. Not that we would change our plans or anything, just curious. Thanks!
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Not to worry, Wallace. I was comparing BC's rooms to those at Frenchman's. Frenchman's gives you a 2 story villa (actually a separate condo). At BC the bedroom is good size, but the room where the frig is is not very useful for a number of reasons. Not a big deal, but the engineer in me thinks they wasted a bunch of square feet in their design.
Sorry to alarm you. Believe me, it will not matter one iota on your honeymoon!
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Was rereading my initial response to this thread (above). I find I should add some points regarding my comments on Long Bay which were sparse. As written it looks like I'm panning LB. Must've gotten distracted when I wrote it because we enjoyed our stay at LB.
It is true that of the three resorts Matt listed we liked LB the least... but LB is in an altogether different, lower, more value-priced market than LDB and BC, imo, and was very well priced when we were there in the mid-nineties. It was WAY lower than Biras or Little Dix as it ought to have been. LB is now getting good marks on both service and food which were its weak points a few years ago and when we were there. It has one of the best locations on Tortola on the North Coast set off by itself between Bomba's Shack, Sebastians, and some private villas to the East; and Smugglers Cove to the West. Great pool and good poolside food. You can rent your car on premises (you'll want one) and that is a convenience as opposed to having to being picked up and taken to a rental agency to pick up your car.
Bon voyage.

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