Bimini Survived Hurricanes AOK


Sep 28th, 2004, 01:24 PM
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Bimini Survived Hurricanes AOK

Got this email letter from Bill Keefe, who lives with his family on Bimini, and who runs Bimini Undersea. The reefs have survived as well! Robert

"Dear Robert;

Bill Keefe here from Bimini Undersea.

I wanted to take this opportunity to do a couple of things. First of all, to the literally hundreds of people that have either called, emailed, or sent messages inquiring about our well being throughout the recent hurricane scares we just want to say Thank You from our entire staff. Melanie, Audley, Adrianne, Aaron, Leslie, Rich, Nowdla and Bill.. We were all very touched by your thoughts and well wishes.

Secondly, we wanted to be sure that everyone had accurate information regarding the storms and how they impacted us here on Bimini. Further to that, let me begin with the end result. THERE IS NO SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE TO BIMINI, BIMINI UNDERSEA, or THE BIMINI BIG GAME RESORT as a result of any of the recent tropical storms or hurricanes. The island of Bimini, as a whole, is open and operating at 100%. We also want you to know that we have seen absolutely no negative effects to the reefs and dive sites as a result of any of the storms.. Those that dove with us right after the storms passed found the water to be a bit cloudy. That of course is to be expected. However the actual structure of the reefs and dive sites appears to be completely in tact.

I know that it must seem as if the words "hurricane" and "Bahamas" has been synonymous since the end of August. What many people are not aware of however is just how large the country known as the Bahamas actually is! Compared to other Caribbean nations, the Bahamas is HUGE.. Although Bimini is categorized as being in the Northwestern Bahamas, it is actually closer to Miami Florida than any of it's sister Bahamian islands. The closest Bahamian island to Bimini is Grand Bahama and that is in excess of 70 miles to our North and East. News reporting agencies rarely get into that much detail when reporting on threatening hurricanes. Another complicating factor is Bimini's size. Bimini is so tiny that in most cases, they don't even bother putting us on the weather map! So, when the TV shows the track that the hurricane is traveling on, many people simply can't tell whether or not Bimini is being affected.

To briefly summarize the recent 4 storms. "Charley" moved into the Gulf of Mexico and was not an event for the Bahamas. "Frances" came within 70 miles of Bimini to our North affecting the Abacos and Grand Bahama island. Bimini experienced high tropical storm force winds but suffered no long term damage. A few trees were down and we lost power and phones for about a day and a half. We were up and running again by September 7th. Hurricane Ivan, although initially threatening our area, veered way west and went into the Gulf of Mexico. No affect to the Bahamas at all. Finally, hurricane "Jeanne", after flopping around the Atlantic like a Roger Clemens knuckle ball, again passed about 80 miles to the North of Bimini. We experienced moderate tropical storm force winds for about 12 hours and had no significant damage other than some flying debris. Most of the island didn't even experience a power outage. We were back to normal by September 27th.

As I look out my office window, the seas are flat calm. The water temp is about 86 degrees. The air is about the same. There's a light breeze out of the South at about 5 knots, and the diving is just great. I invite you to come and enjoy this with us.

Over the next few days I'll be sending out a few more messages, reminding people of the outstanding off season rates and specials that went into effect back on September 6th. Also, it's not too early to start planning for the holidays. Our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving weekend is just around the corner and that means Christmas is not far behind.

From all of us here at Bimini Undersea., again, a heartfelt thanks, and, we look forward to diving with you again on Bimini in the very near future.


Bill Keefe

Bimini Undersea

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Sep 29th, 2004, 12:44 PM
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It is great news that Bimini sustained not much if any damage. It is bad enough that the Island is changing forever with the Resort development that is going on there. Thankfully, it is great news that nothing more has happened.
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Sep 29th, 2004, 05:45 PM
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Firstmate; I agree about the land developers ruining North Bimini. I used to have a couple Kaliks at the Compleat Angler, look at Hemmingways old photos on the walls, then hop in a golf cart and drive norht on the King's Highway. Leaving Alicetown, we'd head through Bailey Town and snorkel off of Porgy Bay and Bimini Bay, where a quarter mile out was the "Bimini Road", where the Lost City of Atlantis mystique arose. We spent all day on the sand beach, under Caribbean Pines and coconut palms, without seeing anyone. A fifty-foot walk to the island's eastern shore took us to hundreds of acres of protective mangrove marshes, where game fish and sharks came to bear young. Most of the trophy game fish had their beginnings in these protected mangroves. The development has bulldozed much of them on North Bimini. They'll probably have it all private now, with a guarded fence. I guess I'll never experience those isolated beaches again. They'll be full of tourists with beach umbrellas. I feel for the next generation who will never experience that feeling of seclusion. Robert
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Sep 30th, 2004, 03:32 AM
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Good to hear, thanks for posting
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