Beware of food and water in Bahamas

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Beware of food and water in Bahamas

I think there's a conspiracy here, since my last posting of this question disappeared.... My wife and I are considering a trip to Nassau, so we bought the Fodor's guide (as we always do) and it mentions that you should be careful with the food and water. I know that you should always be cautious when travelling, but are we talking about a "Mexico-level" threat here or what???? I hadn't heard about this concern from anyone before.
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Jason, I have been traveling there since the early 80's at least a week or two a year and have never had a problem with food or water. Some of the out islands do have brackish water comming out of the tap, since fresh water is not abundant and there is high demand. For example Eleuthera has brackish water and Harbour Island has fresh water. Nassau and Freeport have fresh water. The water may taste different, but I have never noticed a high clorine taste or smell.

There is bottled water everywhere, but no I would not worry about water or food.

Have a great trip.

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I couldn't agree more with Tweedy. We've been travelling to the Bahamas for 20 years and never had a problem with food or water. Some people like to use bottled water and others sometimes recommend that, but I could never understand it. We've never done that and thing the water, especially on GBI and New Providence, is just fine. Food is good or bad depending on who is cooking it and how. That's the case anywhere.

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Papaya Pie
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I often think that more people get sick from too much booze & blame it on the water. Did get very, very sick in Mexico once --- brushed my teeth with tap & forgot about ice cubes.

If the establishment is clean or geared to tourists, you should be okay. I would be careful only in the areas where the piping might be very old (lead). I have seen signs in places off the beaten path in New Providence (Nassau) warning not to drink from a particular tap, but there was always another source nearby in the same shop.

Generally speaking, water is potable in the Bahamas. Restaurants prefer you purchase bottled instead of asking for free. On most islands, water is a precious commodity & of course, so are the dollars in your pocket transferring to theirs, LOL!

Relax, don't worry. There's nothing wrong with drinking bottled if it eases your mind, but chances of you getting sick on Bahama water are very, very slim. Probably no more or less than most places in the U.S.

Of course if your immune system should be compromised in some way, bottled water's a good idea. And some folks just have delicate systems that get out of whack just about anytime they travel. If you're average, you won't have any problems.

No conspiracy, your other post is still on the board. : - )

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We spent a few weeks in Nassau last summer and the outer islands too. We didn't have any problems with the food--and we always asked the locals where their favorite restaurant was, so we definitely ate at some off-the-beaten-path places. I quit worrying about the ice-cubes, and brushed my teeth from the tap water and had no problems. I don't think it is anywhere close to a "Mexican level" threat.

At any rate, rather than water, you'll want to partake of the Kalik or Kalik Light--the Bahamian beer that will always remind you of the beach!
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Just got back from the Atlantis this past weekend. No problems with food or water & my wife has a very sensitive stomach when it comes to these matters.
You should have no problems.

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