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Marco Nov 14th, 2000 09:44 PM

Beware of Caribbean buses!!
My family and I went to Bermuda last year and both my wife and my niece were injured while riding a local bus. The buses there tend to race along narrow winding roads jerking the passengers around. My wife and niece were both standing and attempting to hold on to overhead bars while the bus swerved to and fro. My niece sprained one shoulder and both of my wife's shoulders were actually pulled out of their sockets. My daughter (who was seated) banged her head on the side of the bus as it swerved, but fortunately was fine. My wife has had one surgery to repair her shoulders and will need two more (the first surgery failed). So please, if the bus is full do not risk standing up. If seated, watch your head. I've heard these type of injuries are not unusual!!

Mr. Concerned Nov 15th, 2000 10:38 AM

Are you serious?

Arubasun. Nov 15th, 2000 11:52 AM

not in Aruba..

Jackie Nov 15th, 2000 01:21 PM

Not in Barbados

busstop Nov 15th, 2000 06:22 PM

Wow - not to diminish what happened, but that bus driver must have been practicing for the Indy 500 to cause that much injury to two people !! Our Bermuda bus rides were much more sedate as I recall - and I wouldn't have missed our bus ride in Barbados for the world. Actually, it sounds eriely similar to your Bermuda adventure.

Ian Nov 27th, 2000 02:24 PM

I'm beginning to think that maybe Fodors should have people register to post on here. These stories are getting ridiculous! The speed limit in Bermuda is like only 25 mph, and when I was there the only dangerous thing that I observed was the tourist moped operators on rainy, narrow, and twisting roads being "tail-gated" by the buses and locals in cars.

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