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Angela Jun 4th, 2001 07:20 AM

Best restaurants in Bermuda?
I am visiting Bermuda for 2 weeks at the end of this month. We love eating out and would like some advice on the best restauarants to eat in - expensive and the not so expensive! All comments appreciated.

Bonnie Jun 4th, 2001 08:23 AM

Hi Angela, <BR> <BR>My husband and I live in Bermuda on a short (15 month) work assignment. I actually was recommending this sight to someone else who is visiting, and I saw your question and just had to answer. <BR> <BR>We have tried to go to a new restaurant at least once a month. Eating out can be very expensive, but very rarely will you be disappointed in the quality of food you order. <BR> <BR>A few restaurants that we consider to be our favorites... <BR> <BR>The Pickled Onion - Located in downtown Hamilton on Front Street(moderately priced) <BR> <BR>The Carriage House - Located in St. George's (higher priced, but the best prime rib around...also try the carriage house coffee. It is worth the show when it is being made.) <BR> <BR>The Fisherman's Reef - Located downtown Hamilton on Burnaby St. just off Front St.(higher priced) <BR> <BR>Robin Hood's - Located downtown Hamilton on Richmond Rd. (moderately is a bar type atmosphere, but they have some of the best pizza on the Island. Their prices are pretty good too.) <BR> <BR>Stonington Hotel - located in Paget on South Shore Rd.(If you are here over a Sunday, they have a very good Sunday brunch for about $35 per person. this is higher than some restaurants on Sunday, but Stonington has a good selection of breakfast and lunch. Many do either or, not both.) <BR> <BR>These are just a few. I hope they help. Enjoy your stay on our Island. Oh, I should also mention that when you are planning a dinner out, it is customary to call ahead and make reservations (except at places like Robin Hood's), and the dress is usually snappy casual. As for tipping, 15% is already included for your convenience. If you feel your server is very good, you can add a bit more, but I think many end up tipping twice. Just thought I would warn you. <BR> <BR>Happy Traveling!

Penny Jun 4th, 2001 08:39 AM

We have been going to Bermuda for many years. We love the Waterloo House, you can dine by the water weather permitting. Another nice spot is the outdoor porch at Ascots. We always enjoy lunch on the deck at Ariel Sands. We enjoy the piano player and formal ambience of The Fourways Inn, but there menu has not changed for years. The Bar area in The Lobster Pot, they have local seafood, and the outdoor patio at Frescos Wine Bar. Our friends love The Waterlot, have not tried it lately. You will love Bermuda.

Parrot Mom Jun 4th, 2001 09:19 AM <BR> <BR>These people know everything there is about Bermuda/

penny Jun 4th, 2001 09:36 AM

PS-I forgot everyones favorite Pub The Hog Penny.

anon Jun 4th, 2001 11:54 AM

Parrot Mom-The Bermuda sight you mentioned can be helpful, but it appears almost like a private email club. I get tired of going thru the excess, but it is a good site, very nice people and they always help.

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