Best Island For Travel with a 1 Year Old?

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Best Island For Travel with a 1 Year Old?

Hello travelers,

I am trying to wrap my head around a beach/island trip with a one year old. The baby dictates certain safety things in order for me to have a nice time and we are somewhat risk averse

Is there an island in the Caribbean that has a hospital on it or decent medical care that also has some feeling of not being over developed?

Pre-baby we have loved Tulum, MX, Holbox and other less theme park type places.

Thoughts very appreciated.

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I don't think that the medical care in Anguilla would suit your needs.
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You'll find adequate medical care on the bigger/more populated island such as Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Martin Aruba, to name a few BUT AND IT"S A BIG BUT, it will not be anywhere near what you are used to finding "back home" (assuming you live in the US, Canada or a major European Country). On the smaller islands remote island (ones that are "not overly developed") like Anguilla there are hospitals but they are more akin to emergency first aid clinics. You should know that on the smaller islands many people go "off island" if they need serious medical care.

That said, there are families with young children living on every island who use the local medical facilities when the need arises. Whether the quality of care meets your needs is something only you and perhaps your family doctor can determine.

You stated "The baby dictates certain safety things in order for me to have a nice time" - perhaps if you could eloborate a bit more about what those "certain safety things" are we could be of more assistance. Does your child have a medical condition that requires constant medical attention or are you more concern about what might happen in an emergency??? If it's the former, I'd suggest you consult with your family doctor to get recommendations as to where he/she thinks you could get the best medical care. If it's the latter - than consider visiting one of the more populated islands and also purchasing medical evacuation insurance which will help pay the costs of transporting your child to a better hospital if the need arises.
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I have travelled every year with my first child and now with my newborn as well.

When first son was 11 months old we went to visit friends in Barbados six months later we were in St. Martin then on to St. Kitts again St. Kitts then Jamaica and this year we took our first born and our newborn (currently 3 months old) to Grenada.

I found that any "private" doctors or facilities are more than adequate for issues should they arise...I fell on this most recent trip to Grenada with my newborn in the Baby Bjorn...I was a mental mess so we got the doctor and he was very skilled and helpful he had worked for 30 years in Ireland...and he put my mind at ease and the baby in good hands....if anything else were to come up I felt good knowing about this doctor.

For our family we felt that in terms of safety we became clear that we were looking for a personal sense of safety on an island... the feeling that we would not be at risk of being targeted for being tourists etc....we are as sensible abroad as we are at home and have not had any problems travelling with either children....however, with that the islands we felt the safest on were Grenada, St.Kitts and contrary to popular (or unpopular as I see it) view Jamaica. Oh and our day in Nevis driving around the back roads were entirely safe too!

Travelling with your child can be the best experience of travelling as you get to see the world through new eyes (your childs) and you get to see your child push through old ways of being and demonstrate new skills....every time we break my sons routine and take him travelling he grows in leaps and bounds from have a ball and rest easy that most resorts / hotels have good doctors within a quick call to care for patrons!

Oh and in case I need to restate - for safe travel with kids we recommend St.Kitts, Grenada and Jamaica!
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Well, you have a few different directions you can go in. Many large resorts on islands like Aruba or St. Maarten will have a house doctor on call. You said you don't' want a theme park type of place, but large properties will have more ameneties, including the doctor. I'm not really a resort type of traveler, but I have friends who have traveled with small children and had the same concerns you're expressing--especially firstborn babies!

You could also consider Grenada for the same reasons that Caribheart lists above, but also keep in mind that there is a medical school on the island--outside of Puerto Rico, I'd guess it's probably the best place in the Caribbean in terms of medical facilities.

Have fun and let us know what island you choose!
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On the French side of St Martin there is an excellent hospital which is only a few years old.

Unless your baby has an existing medical problem you really don't need to worry if you visit here - unless you are just being 'overly cautious' because he/she is your first child.
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Consider Puerto Rico. Hospital facilites vary but there are quite a few and many are excellent. I am familiar with a number in the north (San Juan), the east (Humacao), the west (Mayaguez)and the south (Ponce).

I loved the Dominican Republic but do not recommend it with a 1 year old.
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Caribheart. What was the name of the Hospital you went to in Grenada?????
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