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Francis Feb 27th, 2000 05:03 PM

Best Diving/Snorkeling In Carribean?
I've gone diving off the Great Barrier Reef and snorkeling in French Polynesia and the Indian Ocean. I was wondering what experienced divers thought was the best region in the world for diving and snorkeling. I've heard the Carribean is pretty awesome but I can't believe it could beat the Great Barrier Reef. What Island(s) is supposed to have the best diving and snorkeling in the Carribean? <BR> <BR>Thanks! <BR> <BR>Francis

Louis Feb 28th, 2000 07:00 PM

I think you might be looking in the wrong direction. Perhaps others that have been in the areas you have can comment. I don't know if you will find anything to compare with the snorkeling in the Indian Ocean in the caribbean other than perhaps off of Anegada in the BVI. As far as diving goes, I suspect the prime spots are off of Little Cayman or Cayman Brac, Cozumel, and BonAire. The Barrier Reef is mile after mile of opportunities for both diving and snorkeling. There is nothing like that in the Caribbean other than the reef down off of Yucatan on south to Honduras.

Diane Feb 28th, 2000 08:38 PM

Check She highly recommends sites in the BVI, and links to many other articles.

Mike Feb 28th, 2000 10:01 PM

After the places you've been, I would completely FORGET the Caribbean altogether!! There is no comparison!!

stephanie Feb 29th, 2000 08:14 AM

What about Belize? Have heard it's one of the best dive spots in the world, haven't been myself though. Is that part of the reef "down off of Yucatan" that Louis wrote of?

Louis Feb 29th, 2000 02:56 PM

Yes, that is the same reef that goes past Belize but you need to be on a live aboard to have good diving. You must get away from the poplulation. The area is beginning to be used up. The remote areas of the Pacific still offer diving as it should be. I don't think the Caribbean can touch the Indian Ocean or the Barrier Reef or the Red Sea or Micronesia. I have heard some of the best snorkeling is off the islands of the Phillipines. On TV, I have seen fantatic conditions in the remote islands off of India.

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