Best Beaches in BVI's

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Best Beaches in BVI's

Would love some opinions on which island in the BVI's has the prettiest and best beaches for snorkeling. Does it compare to T&C? We loved Turks and the beaches for snorkeling and would like something comparable.

Looking to go sooner or later and would love some input. Thanks
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It's conpletely different from T&C, but really spectacular in it's own rights. Best off beach snorkeling (my opinion) is in St. John and Peter Island. There are also excellent snorkel/sail trips.
My favorite gorgeous beaches: White Grape Bay in Jost Van Dyke, and the Baths in Virgin Gorda. Most beaches in Virgin Gorda and St. John are quiet stunning. The difference is they are very hilly, and beaches are in coves. the water is very pretty on the shore, but drops up faster than in Turks.
They are not comparable, in that they are completely different from each other-but both are gorgeous destinations.
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blamona said it very well.

My favorite spots on Tortola for snorkeling were Smuggler's Cove and Long Bay East on Beef Island. We took a snorkeling daytrip to Virgin Gorda and Cooper Island which were both better than what we saw on Tortola. For this reason, we're returning to the BVI next summer but staying on Virgin Gorda. Most folks love the Baths, Spring Bay, Devil's Bay, and up by the Mango Bay/Maho Bay villas for good off shore snorkeling.

Anegada might be more like Provo in terms of beach& water quality, but it's much less developed than T&C, so the tourist infrastructure can't offer you the same variety that you get on other islands.
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Where are you staying on Virgin Gorda? The reason I ask is that we are seriously looking at that for our next foray into the Caribbean. Thanks.
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My husband and I are avid snorkelers! We found that any type of snorkeling from shore off Tortola or Jost Van Dyke was okay at best. I have been snorkeling from shore off Grand Turk and saw much, much more.

As far as the beaches go themselves, there are many, many beautiful beaches along the shores of both Tortola and Jost. We stayed on Long Bay in Tortola and that was gorgeous, but not so great for swimming or snorkeling except all the way to the end on the right. And even then, there were strong undertows. On Jost, White Bay is bar far one of the prettiest, nicest beaches we've ever been to. The snorkeling was okay - not a huge variety of fish, and the coral is pretty beaten up. With that said, Jost is still one of our favorite places - and, in particular, if you're going to stay there, the White Bay Villas offer the most beautiful views of White Bay.
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hi, Bill. We've not decided completely about where we'll stay, but more than likely it will be a villa. The one we're seriously considering right now is managed by the folks at Guavaberry Spring Bay and is called Virgin Oriental Villa--bad name, but it looks great! There are links to it from but I can't recall the exact link right now.

We'll need two bedrooms, and because we'll be traveling with a 15 year old, we'd like to have a pool on site. We also can't spend more than $250/night, which really limits villa possibilities on that island. It's much more expensive for a villa with these ameneties than on Tortola.

If Nail Bay didn't get such uneven reviews, we would also consider a couple of villas there.
Right now that's the place that the 15 year old likes best, but I think she's just smitten with the website photos more than anything else. She doesn't give a hoot at this point about reviews. Silly girl.

I recall your St. John trip report with amusement. Hope you're able to find something that will top it for your next foray into the Caribbean!
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Thanks ej. We're going to Kaua'i next summer, then either Fiji or Virgin Gorda after that. Virgin Gorda looks like the perfect place for us. Your villa choice looks very nice indeed.

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The beaches on Anegada are amazing. It has a very different feel (to me) than the other islands in the BVI, and the snorkeling off the shore (Flash of Beauty, Loblolly Bay) is fantastic. There are severals houses for rent and some smaller cottages and hotels, nothing quite as 'upscale' as the other BVIs and certainly not as upscale as T&C. But it is heaven, without a doubt, the most beautiful place I've ever been.
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We've been to Tortola, VG and JVD. The prettiest beach in my opinion was White Bay on Jost. VG has really nice beaches also. The sand is not quite as white as on grace bay but the beaches are very scenic. My favorite are Savannah and Mahoe Bay. We love VG. We did not visit Anegada but I hear that the beaches on Anegada are spetacular.
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Could you direct me to a site for Anegada rentals? In my searches I have come up with only one called Lavanda. Thanks for the help.

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Has anyone thought about renting a sailboat and seeing all the great beaches and snorkeling spots?
We have done this a couple of times and found it to be the best way to get around with a room.
Anyway, Peter Island has a really nice place as well as Virgin Gorda.
Try, or Briars Creek resort on virgin gorda.
I've not stayed at either place, as we were on the boat, but have walked around and wished I could.
If you go with the sailboat idea let me know and I can give ya some pointers.
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Bill, try
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Lavenda Breeze is a beautiful villa. There are cottages available at Cow Wreck Beach that are nice and at Pomato Point. I like to stay at Neptune's Treasure, which is another family run hotel. If you stay on Anegada, renting a jeep is a good idea as it gives you the flexibility to get around to different beaches. Another thing to keep in mind is that the ferry currently only runs there from Tortola M, W, and F - otherwise, you'll be chartering a flight in. This sight can guide you a bit around accomodations...

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We have stayed at Peter Island and the beaches are lovely. The snorkel outings are good but not great as in Virgin Gorda. The quality of snorkeling is equal to T&C but the diving is better at Peter Island. The food is very good but a bit too many buffets for our taste but still good, not gourmet, but you should not go to the Caribbean for gourmet.The place was a bit stuffy, i cannot explain, for our taste but we will return in 2-3 years. this winter it is Biras creek, our first visit. we hear the beaty of Peter Island is lacking on the grounds but the waters are equal if not better and the food is said to be "near gourmet". We will see. At about $1000/day with tax and service it better be.
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Thanks boovt and seasweetie.

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