Bermuda trip report


Sep 9th, 2009, 05:32 AM
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Bermuda trip report

We recently returned from our trip to Bermuda and I wanted to post a quick trip report of our 4th stay in Bermuda.

We were worried about the weather, as had rain every day, but true to form, it was gorgeous and hot with an errant rain storm that lasted 5 min 3 of our 5 days.

I was disappointed this time around with the Fairmont Southampton. This is our 3rd stay there. we stayed in a parlor suite, ocean view, which was the same room we stayed in last year, but we paid 1/3 of the price of what we paid last year. I'm so glad we did, since b/c of the big sale, the hotel was very crowded and the hotel seemed off its game on service. The beach chairs were crowded next to one another, really almost on top of one another- no privacy whatsoever, no beach service whatsoever, crowded pool- there just was no serenity or relaxation to that part of the hotel. On the other hand, the employees we did encounter were wonderful and gracious as always. I just think, all in all, the hotel has gone down a notch and I don't foresee staying here again.

Food: we were very pleasantly surprised this year with pretty much consistently great meals.
Waterlot : we were going to skip this one this year, as we always go and last yr it was good not great. So glad we didn't! it was our best meal of the trip! the meal and the service were perfect.

Ascots- we had never tried this, but it is so often mentioned, we had to give it a try. we really enjoyed this. I loved the old hotel, the new dining room, the food, the service. truly a special romantic place with very good food.

The Point at Tuckers Point- this was probably our least favorite experience. This was my actual birthday night and i had requested a special table in celebration of it. I had emailed the restaurant mgr weeks earlier and had received a confirmation. It was a $30+ cab ride (each way) from our hotel, so we were really making an effort to get there and enjoy a wonderful night. we had 9 pm reservations, and got there early to check out the hotel. It is beyond gorgeous. The website doesn't do it justice. definitely formal and grand, but simply gorgeous. we had a drink in the lovely wood bar. My DH went to the Point and spoke to the maitre 'd and reiterated the request for a special table. At 9:00 we went in for dinner and were shown to what may have been the worst table in the room. several better tables were empty, so i very politely asked the maitre d for one of the better tables. he was very haughty and rude and said there was a couple who MAY or MAY NOT be coming later who MIGHT want the table (a fourtop that was set for 2). we just looked at him, since there were several 4 tops and we would have taken any of them, and told him so. he wouldn't accomodate us. Mind you , we were dressed well, my DH in a lovely jacket and dress pants. I was in a dress. We are more than presentable when we go out. I couldn't understand his attitude. We dine out frequently, so had proper manners, LOL, but could not understand this sheer rudeness. he kept insisting we take a lesser table and not wanting to create a scene, DH says "thats fine, Em, just write your report on Fodors on how we were treated here." Miraculously, 2 minutes later we were seated at the better table. (and meanwhile ALL the better tables, save for one, remained empty...)

Dinner was very good- not excellent. I chose the 5 course tasting menu paired with the wine flites and it was very good up until the entree which was sea bass, which did not taste fresh. DH's meal was good not excellent as well. service was good but a bit stuffy. This place, IMO, cannot compare to the newport room (which was closed this season).

On our final night we had a delightful yet quiet dinner at Port o call. It was a sunday night and the restaurant was relatively empty, but it was delicious and the service was excellent.

side notes about lunch: we had lunch one day at Blu and were disappointed- we had to send my daughters burger back twice and although the service was excellent, we felt the restaurant was not what it once was. We had an AMAZING lunch at Beau Rivage. the menu for dinner looked SO good, I wish we had eaten there instead of the Point. The rooms there, BTW are gorgeous! We also had a wonderful, wonderful lunch at the dining room at Gibbs Lighthouse. delicious Italian food- scrumptious and what a setting. Loved it there.

Overall, a very nice trip. I think next time we will stay at Elbow Beach, which has always edged out the FS for me, but was more than twice the price this year. thanks for everyone's help and suggestions, esp txgirlinbda and cmcfong, as always.
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Sep 9th, 2009, 03:26 PM
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Thank you for the great report. I had planned to try both Beau Rivage and The Point when I visit in December. Maybe need to rethink The Point. I hate places where attitudes like that prevail! Welcome home!
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Sep 9th, 2009, 04:07 PM
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Loved how your husband dealt with the maitre d'. There was just an unbelievable deal on Luxury Link for Elbow Beach. I had never seen it before. I considered bidding for a hot minute, but there were several bidders already. Thanks for posting a trip report and happy birthday!
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Sep 10th, 2009, 03:45 AM
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Thanks for the trip report...unfortunately my daughter and I felt the same way as you did...that Fairmount dropped the ball somehow..either that or the sales for this summer just overcrowded the entire place. We were there in August and having been there over a dozen times and having honeymooned there ages ago =) we too felt that the service was compromised as well as the peace and serenity pretty non-existant unless you paid to gain access to the spa pool or had a treatment there which removed the daily was our only escape on the property.

I have never seen the beach area so crowded...we did enjoy our stay but felt something was "missing". We found the staff over-worked...but even though we did enjoy everyone and were greeted with smiles and such....but something just wasn't right.

Waterlot was great, as always which I was happy to see...we did cancel Blu after hearing from some guests that their experience there was not great. We ate at Henry VIII, Fourwinds and the Ocean Club...all were good.

Too bad about the Fairmount though....perhaps we have finally "outgrown" the larger resort-feel....! I do intend to give it another "whirl"'s hard to let go of this resort as it holds a special place in my heart!!

I complained to Fairmount about a few things....probably won't hear back from them....concierge on the gold floor sent me a bottle of wine and a cheese platter to make up for their "misgivings"....what a shame!

I still love Bermuda.....!
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