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marysmommy Jul 10th, 2006 06:39 PM

Bermuda restaurant recommendation needed!
We're taking a short cruise to Bermuda to celebrate our Dad's 80th birthday and want to have dinner on shore the night we're docked (King's Wharf). Friends have recommended Fourways, Waterlot Inn, Horizons, Waterloo, and Aqua. We'll be a party of eight (four couples, no kids). Any advice would be most appreciated!

1scs1 Jul 11th, 2006 04:49 AM

We have had dinner at Fourways, Waterlot and Aqua. I can't comment on Horizons or Waterloo, but I would choose Aqua. You can request a table outside, and have a beautiful view - practically right on the water. Even if you want to be inside, you will still have a beautiful view. The food is wonderful there as well! If you are going to Bermuda, and want to have one dinner ashore, why not make it at a restaurant right on the water. Enjoy your trip!

penny Jul 11th, 2006 05:12 AM

What a wonderful way to celebrate! I have dined at all of the above places----they are all good. My only concern is the Waterlot Inn, it is my understanding they are more of "steak house", yet that might appeal to you. Also the Horizons might have a more limited menu. We are off to Bermuda on Friday, and we plan on dining
at Aqua, and The Waterloo House, and Fourways.

marysmommy Jul 11th, 2006 02:53 PM

Thank you so much for your advice! I'm going to try for reservations at Aqua--happy travels!

cmeyer54 Jul 15th, 2006 04:34 PM

Tom Moore's Tavern for an elegant and wonderful meal in an old home - but a bit far from the harbor. Other choice would be the italian restuarant at Elbow Beach - if you like sitting outdoors with the waves just below the restaurant! We ate at both two weeks ago - different experiences but both excellent!

madameX Jul 20th, 2006 10:32 AM

I've been to all the places you've indicated a few times except Waterlot, and the food is good at all of them. (I'm not sure where King's Wharf is since I've only stayed on the island, but I'll assume that it is Hamilton Harbor? Or out by the old fort? Correct me if I'm wrong -- it's more a matter of what is most convenient for an 80-year old.)

First: be aware that most of these places, except Aqua, require a jacket/tie at dinner. While a man might discretely take off the jacket during dinner, they are usually expected to show up with jacket/tie, or somewhat formal looking. You might want to confirm this on the restaurant's website or at the time of reservations. Depending on the time of year (summer is warm and humid,) even the stalwarts might want to remove the jacket. Things change, even in Bermuda, but my husband will pack his jacket for our upcoming trip.

Waterloo serves on the outdoor terrace in good weather, which is right on Hamilton Harbor, which includes a new marina area (some like this addition; some don't.) (They have SOMEWHAT relaxed the dress code, e.g. jacket but no tie, I hear, but I'd verify this.) Portions are a good size. If it rains, the inside colonial-style dining room is nice, with windows on the harbor, but not every table will have a great view.

Horizons (Waterloo's sister property) is a cottage colony, and its hillside location has views overlooking the south shore, but not right ON the beach. Horisons has a somewhat different menu from Waterloo, and is prix fixe. Dinner is served on the outdoor terrace, perched on a hill the overlooks the ocean in the distance. In case of rain, there is a nice indoor colonial dining room with limited views of the shore. (A good dinner is one of the reasons why we enjoy staying at Horizons, but we also have stayed at other places.) Horizons is a 10-15 cab from Hamilton HArbor.

Aqua serves outside or in the dining room with panorama windows, right on the beach overlooking on the south shore. The the other two restaurants are very comfortable, but they are a little more formal-feeling than Aqua. While we have enjoyed Aqua, the formality of the other two might make it feel a little more special. It depends on how much of a priority you put on being right onthe ocean, if you must be in A/C, etc. Aqua is a 10-12 minute cab from Hamilton HArbor. If you want to guarantee that you are in airconditioning, and a place with a little less formality, you might want to think about this place.

Fourways has very good food, but is not on the water. There is less of that "island atmosphere" other than its lovely inn, and there is good A/C. Again, 10-12 minute cab ride from Hamilton.

But to repeat: all have food I'd be delighted to have again and again, and we've always had good service at these places.

And again: I'm not sure where your ship docks. Hamilton HArbor will be more convenient to these places than if you are out by the old fort. If are **ARE** out at the old fort, you might also want to consider the Tamarisk Room at Cambridge Beaches. It is similarly formal, with good food and service. The point is how you feel about cab rides. Cabs are expensive in Bermuda, and these rides are not THAT long, but it adds up (ask your purser or when you resrve at the restaruant.) Personally, I know that my senior-citizen (85) father would like the cab ride to see what is on the island, but it will be more like a 25+ minute ride to Hamilton and Aqua if you are out at the old fort. Still, how often does one get to take one's father to Bermuda?

madameX Jul 20th, 2006 05:45 PM

'Just an update: Ilooked at the Horizons website, and they may have gone to an a-la-carte pricing system for dinner, I think. In the past, it was a prix fixe for a multi-course meal. Since we are staying there, half board is still a set price for hotel guests, not a la carte.

penny Jul 21st, 2006 03:32 AM

Just got back from 6 wonderful nights in
Bermuda. My wow dinner --was at The Waterloo house. That is my vote for the best on the island this trip. We had lovely meals at The Newport Room, Aqua,
Frescos and The Palms.

madameX Jul 22nd, 2006 12:42 PM


The hotel concierge at Horizons indicates that a taxi from King's Wharf to Horizons will take about a half hour, and cost about $35-$40 each way.

Of the places that you are considering, the Waterlot will be the closest from King's Wharf -- I'm guessing 15-20 minute drive or so, perhaps closer. Again, I haven't been here, but it also gets good ratings.

Fourways might be a little closer than Horizons, but not by a lot. Waterloo House is in Hamilton (further than Horizons, if coming from King's Wharf,) and Aqua a little further but on the south shore.

If your ship travels to Hamilton Harbor, the closest of the four would be Waterloo (an easy walk for good walkers, but you may want a cab if senior citizens tire easily and it is hot and humid.)

I will also post this on your question about the lcoation of King's Wharf.

jbax Jul 24th, 2006 02:51 PM

The Waterlot is absolutely wonderful. We had a memorable meal there; I think it would be perfect for a very (very) special occasion. As you know, it is pricey, but the service was impeccable, the food was perfect, and the atmosphere was wonderful.

marysmommy Jul 26th, 2006 01:30 PM

Thank you SO much for all this wonderful advice! Everyone here is lovely for sharing their experiences--we so appreciate it!

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