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teacher4 Jul 15th, 2010 05:33 AM


I just booked a trip to Bermuda and will be staying at the Fairmont South Hampton for 5 days. The hotel seemed to get good reviews. We do not have a meal plan. Any suggestions on restaurants or things we must see. Thanks.

txgirlinbda Jul 15th, 2010 06:11 AM

The Fairmont is a nice property, but not super-convenient to restaurants. You can take advantage of the ferry that the hotel offers that runs between the Southampton Fairmont and the Fairmont Princess in Hamilton to get back and forth to town for meals, but I don't think it runs very late in the evening. Taxis will get expensive, but there's an excellent bus system that runs back and forth from town quite frequently.
As far as making suggestions, maybe you could tell us a little more about your likes/dislikes, budget, preferences, favorite activities? Our ideas of 'must see' might differ from yours!

teacher4 Jul 15th, 2010 07:08 AM

My husband and I are celebrating our third anniversary. We love taking in the sun on beautiful beaches around the world, but we are also very outgoing and love to see nature at its best. Traveling into town on s regular basis to eat dinner shouldn't be a problem for us, especially if there's a bus that runs frequently in and out of town. We did the same thing in the Bahamas two years ago.

txgirlinbda Jul 15th, 2010 07:53 AM

If you're ok with the bus back and forth to town, you can take your pick of restaurants. I might suggest having the concierge make your reservations if there are cruise ships in while you're here - things can get a little busy.

As far as natural areas to explore, try the Railway Trail (an old railway that has been converted to walking trails) - the Somerset Bridge section is really nice. The National Parks along the South Shore beaches are great for walking. Rent a little Boston Whaler or pontoon boat and explore the shoreline for a few hours. And search this forum for Bermuda -there are all sorts of great posts with lots of advice to check out.

cmcfong Jul 15th, 2010 08:08 AM

Txgirlinbda has given you great advice. I will just add a suggestion or two of restaurants fairly near your hotel.
Henry VII's is a fun place
The Dining Room in the Gibbs Lighthouse has fantastic views and good food.
Bleu at Belmont Hills Golf Course has very good food and fantastic views.
I am sure you will love the Fairmont's beach. It is right next to one of the most beautiful (and crowded on cruise days) on the island.
Remember there are also a couple of good restaurant choices in Dockyard if you don't feel like going into Hamilton.

I strongly recommend you do a search of other posts on this forum about Bermuda. You will find tons of information.

have fun!!!! and happy anniversary.

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