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Glenn Mar 21st, 2000 05:51 AM

Barry is wrong! Jamaica is beautiful!
He is so wrong it is a very beautiful country. Just because its a third world country does not mean it's a dump.

kim Mar 21st, 2000 06:25 AM

Thank you Im so glad somebody agrees with me. I guess Barry doen not see the whole picture of that country. People do what they have to to survive in that country. <BR>They dont have all the things "us" selfish Americans do.

Diane Mar 21st, 2000 09:17 AM

I didn't see where he stayed, how long, or with whom...maybe he was on a cruise ship and got dumped on one of the beaches where when the ships are in, the higglers hit the beach, en masse. When they find someone with an attitude like Barry's, they seem to delight in making his day even worse, just for sport. Sadly places like Jamaica, Nassau, and Puerto Rico do not fare well as cruise destinations. Most people I've met with a bad impression of Jamaica have been there on a cruise stop, and have had bad experiences. We like to stay at the small family run places in Negril. They have built up many repeat customers from all over the world for very good reasons. I love Jamaica-that-way. I'll file a trip report on Rockhouse and Whistling Bird after our next trip!

Lenore Mar 21st, 2000 11:57 AM

I agree...the spots the cruise ships drop you off in, leave a lot to be desired!!!! Also, many of the beautiful beaches are within the resorts, when you're on a cruise you dont get to see that! I'm leaving in two weeks and staying two nights in Negril, two in Mo Bay and two in Dunns...cause I love it there so much!

Barry Mar 22nd, 2000 07:35 PM

I was not on a cruise. I stayed at Sandals and although the hotel and service were good the island and its people were not. Am I the only one being harrased on the beach every day. How many times can you say no thanks. Why was I offered drugs every friggin day. Why was I offered stolen jewelery every day. We went outside the grounds and were harrased, followed and threatened. I must be the only one. Jamaica is the dumps!

Mike Mar 22nd, 2000 08:58 PM

Once again, Barry, you are 100% correct! Stick with Grand Cayman and St. Barts (or even Cancun!) and also avoid St. Thomas like the plague as well -- and once again, I DO hope you have an opportunity to make it to Hawaii to see the AMAZING contrast! Oh, and Glenn, if a country is Third World, it DOES mean that it is most decidedly a dump! What do you think "Third World" means -- Beverly Hills and Palm Beach?!? Not!!! You "open minded" liberals make me SICK!!!

Bud Mar 23rd, 2000 03:01 AM

Kim, Diane, Lenore and Glenn ought to really go Third World Jamaican and visit Kingston and Trenchtown. Bet their views would change right quick; them ladies' chastity would be imperiled. Remember this oddity of Jamiaca: whenever they have an election, dozens are gunned down like dogs.

Lori Mar 23rd, 2000 06:34 AM

Mike and Bud are such easy targets, there are so many responses that come to mind. But what a waste of time and space that would be in an otherwise very informative site. Fodors is for travelers, even those of us who find beauty in Third World places. Now I best be gettin along, right quick.

Diane Mar 23rd, 2000 08:48 AM

It's easy to see from these two threads the kind of person who is most likely to have bad experiences on trips. No, Barry, you aren't the only one. Quite obviously Mike and Bud have problems as well. I totally support your right to cross Jamaica off your lists for future travel destinations. There are many many other places for you to try. Stateside, you probably will want to avoid San Francisco, too. (All those depressing, mentally deranged street people, you know.)

Mike Mar 23rd, 2000 09:30 PM

How ironic of you to mention San Francisco, Diane (the CITY only) because it IS off my list! What a despicable place to live or visit!!!

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