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anon Jul 29th, 2002 02:53 PM

Barbados or Antigua??
Which is a nicer island?<BR>Criteria:<BR>beautiful beaches<BR>safe island<BR>friendly natives<BR>most romantic hotels (and which ones?)<BR>good food<BR>mellow . . . .<BR>

Trish Jul 30th, 2002 11:40 AM

Have not been to Barbados - yet - but we loved Antigua. Stayed at Sandals. White sand beach, nice accommodations, all meals at all the restaurants were good, and warm residents. It was an exquisite vacation.

anon Jul 30th, 2002 02:11 PM

Anyone been to both islands who can provide some feedback?

julie27 Jul 30th, 2002 02:27 PM

Barbados is one of my family's favorite islands. Beautiful beaches, none are private. Great restaurants. Terrific hotels with excellent service.

Lois Jul 31st, 2002 05:05 AM

We've been to both. We prefer Barbados -- gorgeous beaches everywhere, fabulous restaurants with romantic/gorgeous settings & gourmet food, great road system, primitive areas can still be found, with all different types of scenery depending upon the coast.<BR><BR>Antigua was nice too, but more like Barbados was 8-10 years ago -- goats still wander crossing the road freely. Not many good roads. Bad smells in some areas -- near Barrymore Beach Club -- they are dredging for some type of dolphin encounter. Beach was very nice in area of Antigua Village and Sandles. Some nice restaurants, but not as many as in Barbados and no where near the spectacular settings.<BR><BR>Both islands seemed safe and the people were friendly.<BR><BR>Regarding hotel suggestions - besides being "romantic" what price range are you considering, what age range are you, and what month might you consider going -- this all makes a big difference.<BR><BR>Post your reply and I'll try to respond more in-depth.

Brian Jul 31st, 2002 05:32 AM

Prior to the dolphin project there was a seasonal smell in the Runaway Bay area due to the nearby saltpond drying up. Since the dolpin project opened for business in November, 2001 there is ABSOLUTELY no smell in the area, as the dolphin people keep the saltpond flooded at all times.<BR>Regarding the 2 islands, Barbados is far more commercialised and busier than Antigua. Barbados has quite a few nice beaches, but Antigua definitely has far more great beaches, most of which are very uncrowded all the time. The roads in Antigua have improved tremendously over the last 5 years. As far as dining out, personally I eat out a lot - at non-hotel restaurants, and can give you advice on the good ones at all price ranges. Again the price range will determine what hotel you choose.

anon Jul 31st, 2002 03:18 PM

Thanks so much for your information. <BR><BR>We are a married couple in our early 30's looking for a 5 night escape from kids. We are trying to keep it below $3K, unless it is AI. We're not the Sandal's type and probably have more of the tastes of a couple in their 50's. We are thinking of early December. We are considering these 2 islands because they are relatively easy to get to via Air Jamaica - an airline I'm comfortable with. For that matter, Grenada is in the running as well.<BR><BR>Peace and quiet is important; not being approached by the natives to buy anything is important. Good food and services is too, but it doesn't have to be over the top. No highrises, and no huge hotels. Preferably no TV's as well.<BR><BR>I hope this gives you a more accurate picture so that you may be able to provide suggestions as to resorts.<BR><BR>Am I dreaming or what??

Jim Aug 1st, 2002 06:05 AM

We have stayed at Barrymore Beach Club in Antigua for the last few years and it sounds exactly as you desribe you want - that is why we stay there - and a few other families that we seem to bump into year after year!

Lisa Aug 1st, 2002 09:55 AM

I have been to both islands and they are very different. Stayed at the Coral Reef Club in Barbados and loved it. Beautiful beach, rooms, food and service. Stayed at Galley Bay in Antigua twice and thought that was great as well. The setting in very romantic, it is an all-inclusive. The deluxe beachfront rooms are beautiful and the service is good. I think I liked the island of Barbados better. It is cleaner and their are fabulous restaurants. I also think the topography is more interesting. It's a tough decision!

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