bahamas weather on New Years?

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bahamas weather on New Years?

Are we silly to go to Paradise Island for a few days over the New Year? Please help! I don't want to waste time if the water and weather are going to be too cold to enjoy.
Thank you.
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I was there in February and the water was too cold to go in, but it was still nice enough to sit out and enjoy the sunshine!
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It's a risk. We were there last Christmas and it was windy and cool.
Old Oct 24th, 2001, 06:42 PM
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No problem with a wetsuit. You can rent or purchase one, 4 mil would be great. then, you could snorkel or dive in comfort. Robert
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In general, the farther south in the Caribbean you go, the warmer the water. As you approach the equator it gets more and more tropical.
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For the past 2 years 1999 and 2000, we have spent 7 to 8 days in the Bahamas. The weather is cool, however, coming from the Balto area, low 70's felt great. I did see some people out by the pool soaking up the sun. There is a hugh celebration called "Junkanoo" that takes place in downtown Nassau just after midnite on New Year's Day. I think tickets start at $15.00. The parade is simular to Mardi Gras except you don't see a lot of drunks or people acting disrespectfully. There are plenty of police to control the crowds and the only disturbance that I saw in my section was when the young kids were attempting to get in without paying. Go and have a good time.
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Here is a sight to ck past weather at that time of year. hope this helps.
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Daniel Williams
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I was in Nassau last year from December 27th-January 2nd. The first two days were above 80 degrees F; I could feel the humidity and smell the tropics (the smell of the air reminded me vaguely of Nigeria) when I got off the plane and went into the waters of the New Providence Channel both the first days.

There was one day in the upper 60sF and cloudy, the other days the highs were in the low 70sF (with the tropical smell disappearing). I was fine sunning by the pool with my shirt off all but the one day in the 60s; the pool was too cold but I went into the ocean two of the days in the 70s; the water temp. stayed constant around 75F and was quite pleasant (to me) once in the ocean. It was coming OUT into the air that could be chilly. Mind you, I'm used to Long Island beaches where the water temp. can be 73F even in the thick of summer. And me, I go for the culture, not so much to go to "a tropical paradise" with temperatures in the 80s.

Coming from Baltimore, similarly I found the weather was an enjoyable bit of cheating winter for a week. I personally prefer temps in the low to mid 70s, but others I'm sure would find the water/air too cold. (It was fun hearing about "the cold front coming in from Florida".) Apparently, the bit in the 60s was quite a low...people in South Beach on TV were talking about how awful the cold spell was.

Bring a sweater/light jacket for the evenings. Good luck whatever you decide. DAN

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