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dc4united Aug 22nd, 2012 06:39 PM

Atlantis Budget & Pool Tips Please

We've booked the Atlantis and I am looking for your best tips related to:

1. Feeding a family of four on a budget (other than Anthony's, Johnny Rockets, the Poop Deck and Marina)
2. Your favorite pool
3. Working the system - best ways to avoid lines, get around the resort, get upgrades, smooth our experience overall (what you wish you knew before you went??)

Thanks in advance for your help!

blamona Aug 23rd, 2012 03:27 AM

1. The places you wrote are the ones best for tue budget. Anything in the grounds is ultra expensive. Example, a kids chickennuggutt meal is around $9, breakfast is anywhere between $25 to $50 pp. so stick to Anthonys and Poop Deck.

2. All pools are great, get out an explore!

3. No way to work the system. Have to wait in line. Walking best way to get around resort if going to the pools, but there is a shuttle that takes you to the different towers and even over to One and Only. Shuttle will also take you close to Comfort Suites where Anthonys is, and the marina area with outdoor shops and restaurants. Although free, expect to tip.

They hardly give out upgrades, you get what you pay for. So best way to get an upgrade is to pay for it.

FYI, you are going to one of the most expensive resorts in Caribbean after your stay. You do need to stick to Anthonys and Poop Deck if on a budget once you're there. They are actually the better restaurants around anyway. (other than Bobby Flays which is really expensive)

Unless you have an actual budget figure in mind? Because I'm just guessing what "budget" means to you?

Have fun, the resort is insanely fun!

Kristen1206 Aug 23rd, 2012 08:14 AM

Haven't been yet but from my research, the Bath Pool and Cove Beach seem to be favorites if you are looking for quieter areas.

Also you may want to consider staying across the street at Comfort Suites. Less expensive, larger rooms/suites and they offer free breakfast. Full privileges at Atlantis and the walk over is equal to/shorter than the walk from the Beach Tower.

dc4united Aug 23rd, 2012 06:26 PM

Thank you for your replies!

embroidery4 Sep 2nd, 2012 06:19 PM

personally I just got back last week... I wouldn't go. they are so over extended selling everything to anyone. at the guest pool I found guest grab beach and pool chairs at 9am puting kid toys down and come back at 2pm to use them. the aqua adventure water park was a nightmare. people grab the tubes and hold them till they leave. we spent a half hour and gave up trying to get one. and no chairs at any pool at the royal tower area. but they sell to cruise passengers that arrive at 9am. so after 5pm is it for pool, slides and beach time unless you want to go out by 9 am and grab your stuff.
Food... Chinese resturant was ok they let family's split the main course... kids ate appetizers if they wanted... Starbucks is there for fruit and sandwiches. dunkin donuts is across the street and the pizzeria and deli too. people brought in cases of water soda and beer.
also you can request the empty the refridge for you so you won't pay 1.99 for a bag of chips
personally I'd never go back. rooms were old in coral and beach towers... personel at front desk RUDE...
I'm an ex travel agent and have don't my fare share of travel. don't go.... as a business they're in over their head and I can sense it.

rburgess55 Nov 28th, 2012 02:53 PM

We stay at Harborside because we own in the Starwood network. We bring our own food. One tip, if you get a soft drink, they hand you a glass and you fill it up. We kept our cups for 3 days. I know, it's stealing...but, it works when you're pinching pennies. We go in June about every other year and have never had a difficult time finding a chair or an innertube. The personnel at Harborside are quite nice, but I'm nice to them. Being nice to the service people goes a long way. And yes, if you get an innertube you like, keep it for the day...there are hundreds more floating by for everyone else.

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