Aruba--Hyatt, Allegro Resort, Wyndham?

Old Jan 28th, 2000, 11:09 AM
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Aruba--Hyatt, Allegro Resort, Wyndham?

I am planning a trip for my boyfriend and myself to go to Aruba this April and am unsure where to stay? I know that the Hyatt is great, but it is much more costly than the Allegro Resort. Has anyone been to the Hyatt? Allegro? Marriot? Wyndham? <BR> <BR>Which is the best place to stay--is the Hyatt really worth the money? I heard the Allegro is not so great (dirty rooms, bad service). <BR> <BR>If anyone has any advice to offer me it would be greatly appreciated!
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Deborah <BR> <BR>I just planned a trip for my parents to Aruba and have booked them at the Radisson. My husband and I also stayed there two years ago right before it closed for a complete makeover. The hotel is 3/4 done with construction and it will completely be done by March. I have heard nothing but excellent things since the renovations. The Radisson also has one of the nicest beachfronts (in my opinion). If your budget will allow I vote for the Radisson. <BR> <BR>Be sure to visit the Hyatt for breakfast. They serve a great breakfast buffet for one price. <BR> <BR>If I can help further, please email me.
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For more information, go to these <BR>excellent websites about Aruba: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>You will find information on hotels, <BR>restaurants, bulletin boards, trip <BR>reports, etc. Well worth your time <BR>to browse through. <BR>JanGail <BR>
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Hi Deborah - DON'T go to the Hyatt!! A high rise hotel is NOT going to give you the true romantic wonderful Aruba experience. Ask for a beach hotel - we recommend the Tamarijn, Divi Divi or Manchebo - something at the "low rise" area not the high rise area (that includes the Marriott and others you mention). I actually highly dislike the Hyatt - it's nothing but a big American hotel and not "real Aruba" at all. Friends recommended their restaurant Ruinis Del Mar and we HATED it. It's just hotel food no matter how you dress it up. My husband and I went to Aruba for the first time in 1983 and now go every January to our timeshare at LaCabana. We love Aruba! So romantic and special. If we didn't have kids we'd still go to the Tamarijn but need the suite setting of LaCabana - kitchen and all. This time we ate at the Manchebo and thought it would make a good place to stay too. If you go to the Tamarijn, ask for buildings 11 or 12, ground floor. Heaven!!! Good luck and enjoy Aruba!! I'm happy to answer any questions if you want to email me directly. <BR>Betsy
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Deborah, <BR> <BR>I highly suggest the websites that JanGail recommended. The trip reports say it all. I disagree with Betty regarding the high rise resorts. It is alot of what you are used to. I have been to Aruba and stayed at La Cabana (o-k) nice beach, the Hyatt (beautiful grounds but rooms are small and no balcony) and the Marriott which I loved so much I bought a timeshare. Beautiful hotel with a beautiful beach, great food and I can't say enough. The Tamarijn, Divi etc. are older hotels, not fancy so don't expect the more upscale ammenities....the Marriott has HUGE rooms with the best balconies on the island and very romantic, alot of couples and honeymooners....the Allegro did not look appealing to me at used to be the Americana and it is another very old hotel. When I was there in September the Radisson was not open yet...the Whydham is nice as well but check out the Marriott. Email with any questions I love the island.
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Another vote for the Radisson. We also visited just before the renovation and had no complaints. I agree, the beach front of the Radisson is, in my opinion, the best in the high rise area.
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I go to Aruba every April and have stayed at the Allegro, Wyndham, Tamarijn and Costa Linda Resorts(own a timeshare at the last one). We are trying a new place this year, the Phoenix Aruba, which is beside the Wyndham. (This is in addition to our week at the Costa Linda). The place I liked the least was the Allegro, the Hyatt is beautiful but very pricey so we only go to eat and view the grounds. The Wyndham was very nice as well and more affordable. But all of these highrise hotels are on Palm Beach so space on the beach is limited. The Marriot is further up the coast and more on its own(looks very nice but I haven't been in it). The Phoenix is separated from the Wyndham by a piece of land so that there is more space and privacy on the beach, and it has a fully equipped kitchen. You would be better off not getting an all-inclusive pkg. There are all kinds of wonderful restaurants to try. We also liked the Tamarijn very much, it's in a group of low-rise hotels with a very different type of environment from the big hotels. We enjoy both. We really like the Costa Linda because the rooms are huge with a full kitchen so that I can enjoy my morning coffee on my balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea. And there are no hotels immediately adjacent to it so the huge beach is very private. (It is not far from the Tamarijn). Have a nice holiday, whatever you pick.
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we stayed at the hyatt last year...the most beautiful and elegant hotel in aruba (with a warm and tropical feel) in the center of it all!...visited the marriot which is further down, a way's off...prefered the casino at the hyatt...the marriot felt too hotel-like while the hyatt exuded warmth. i would definitely go back in an instant!
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I've never been to Aruba, but I'm going in August and booked mysef in the Marriott. I hear it's beautiful, and trust me, it's cheaper than the Hyatt. I also heard that the Hyatt has small rooms. The ones at the Marriott are large. <BR>Additionally, a friend of mine stayed at the Hyatt, didn't like it, and was envious of the people staying at the Marriott.

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