Anyone visited Grand Cayman???

Feb 24th, 1997, 07:04 PM
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Anyone visited Grand Cayman???

Grand Cayman is a fabulous island. We were there
seven years ago. Prices were high then and are
probably still high. Stingray City was scary.
I am not a diver and was only snorkeling.
Actually, bobbing on the surface of the Atlantic.
I did not touch the rays but the divers were feeding
them. Food, other than food for the rays, was also
expensive. But, you must splurge and go to
Chef Tell's restaurant. Go at sunset and have a
seat on the veranda or the pier. Very Romantic!
Visit Hell for the postcards and picture taking.
You must go to Rum Point for dancing
(Hot, hot, hot) and snorkeling.
Diving, I was told is a must.
Have a wonderful time.

Mar 8th, 1997, 12:37 PM
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We went to Grand Cayman in January 97. We loved it there. Eating out is very expensive. We stayed at the Grandview Condos and had kitchen facilities which made it more economical. We went to both Stingray City and the sandbar. I enjoyed the sandbar more as you are in approx 4 feet of water and they come right up to you. Don't be nervous of them they are not going to harm you at all. We didn't go on the submarine ride-heard it was very small quarters. We used Treasure Island divers when we went to Stingray City and it was a combination of divers and snorklers. Bring lots of money it is very expensive- But well worth every cent!!!Have a great trip.
Mar 8th, 1997, 02:34 PM
K Noel
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If you are looking for reasonable REAL island food, go to Liberty's at the village of Liberty on the end of the island near Hell. It's nothing to look at,is not "touristy", but the buffet has lots of local delacacies and it is reasonable. ENJOY!!
Mar 12th, 1997, 01:51 PM
B. Kennedy
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I'll be in Cayman for the 6th time this Easter if that tells you anything. Sting Ray City is a great time, especially on the sandbar. The rays are wonderful. The Lobster Pot is one of our favorite restaurants. Also for a nice Italian dinner - I loved Ristorante Pappagallo - very nice. Chef Tell's is also great food. We thought going to Hell was boring, very touristy. Snorkling is great at Eden Rock, Devil's Grotto. There are lots of fish to see and you don't have to go in a boat, it's right off the shore in town so you can go any time. The submarine was fun but pricey. At night is especially fun because it is kind of eerie and you see different stuff than in the day, but less of it.
Mar 13th, 1997, 04:58 PM
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try eating at the texas restaurant near the
Hyatt. i forget the name. Good TexMEx. local resort workers meet there at night.

Also, buy a cheap snorkel/mask $25 to take with you. You cna see
great underwater sites walking in from the shore.
Also consider bringing a blow up life vest (not Coast Guard approved inThe
US. Sometimes the underwater sites and sights are 100 yds offshore.
I was there in January.

Have a greta time.
Mar 13th, 1997, 07:40 PM
Donna Cantrell
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I visited Grand Cayman five years ago and loved the trip. I think the name of the texas restaurant referred to previously was "Lonestar". It was good and they had "affordable" drink specials, especially pitchers of margaritas. (If you drink beer or wine, I suggest you consider taking some with you. A case of beer is ~$35.00. Wine selections were limited. There are very high import tariffs.) I agree with another response in that Chef Tells is a very good restaurant with romantic ambience. Also expensive.
We took a resort dive course and did our first dive on the Ore Verde (sp?) and our second in Stingray City. It was well worth it!!! The instruction we received was good and the diver supervison was excellent. Definitely recommended if you're game. (BTW, we're certified divers now. You'll be hooked.)

Mar 17th, 1997, 04:50 PM
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Just returned from Cayman...expensive is right!
A lunch at Wendy's for two was $18- when we converted back to Canadian. Stingray City is a must...we would do it again. Diving is our
opinion Bonaire surpassed Cayman in regards to
visability, off-shore diving and regulations concerning reef preservation (Bonaire will not allow you to dive with gloves unless it is a wreck dive).
Cayman is not concerned with this (except at Stingray City). You have to go to Cayman to know for yourself. Lots of little places to enjoy good food. The Wharf Restaurant feeds tarpons every night at 9:00's another site to see. Enjoy!
Mar 18th, 1997, 09:32 AM
Jane Feber
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Was in Grand Cayman in Dec. Too touristy for us. Try Champion House and Garden Cafe on Eastern Ave. for good local food reasonably priced. The stingray city trip is a must and people we were with did the sub ride and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have fun! Take lots of money!!!!!
Mar 26th, 1997, 11:26 AM
Laurie Cunningham
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The ****Wharf was an excellent restaurant for a special night out. From what I have heard the sub ride is in very close quarters. I stayed at the Hyatt Grand Caymen and they had a boat that took you to stingray city which was nice because there was only about 12 of us on the huge boat!

2 drinks at the pool bar cost me $18 !

Apr 14th, 1997, 10:54 AM
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My favorite's are 1) The Wharf - one of the best by far, get the lobster, beautiful place 2) Papagallos - really neat atmosphere and great Italian food. You'll need to take a cab or drive since it's off the main part of the island and very hidden away, and 3) Lone Star (a cheap Tex-Mex near the Hyatt - very good food and very reasonable prices; let your wallet take a break here.
Apr 17th, 1997, 09:14 AM
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We just returned from Grand Cayman two days ago. Expensive is right, but worth every penny. The diving is great. The wall dives were awe inspiring, but I actually enjoyed all the color and aquatic life on the shallow dives better. We did dive at Sting Ray City. I am glad to say that I did, but would probably not do it again as the novilty of it wore off quickly. We did our diving with Don Foster's Dive Cayman and were very happy with their service and extra attention they paid us as novice divers. Didn't find any super deals on equipment. In fact the prices on the SeaQuest equipment we purchased in Florida was almost half again as much in Cayman. Nicest shop we found as far as equipment was Diver's Outlet - large selection.
Excellent Seafood at Benjamin's Roof in Coconut Palace. Casually elegant and reasonalbly priced for Cayman. Have A Great Time!
Apr 28th, 1997, 07:14 AM
EllenMarie Rockwell
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Best diving, walls, wreck,night on the wall with sharks, and going through lava tubes to the wall. The sheer drop over the wall stopped my heart, I felt I could fall into the abyss!!! Of course I didn't.We liked it as much as Australia and the RED sea.
Take a short plane hop( flights morning and eveing daily) over to Little Cayman and Dive with Southern Cross Resort. Was there for a week last September. The visability awesome. This is a small island with few tourist mostly divers. Southern Cross has just renovated, dive equipment top notch, they got new dive boat in mid September.
May 12th, 1997, 04:36 AM
Veronica Miskowski
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Grand Cayman is Wonderful! My husband and I went this past December. Stingray a must. I suggest using one of the many charter boats that go out...they even provide a great lunch! About $60.00 a person... As far as resonable places to eat...well there aren't too many! Food is very, very expensive! We bought a bag of chips and a two liter of coke...$10.00! We did eat at one resturant that was very good...I think it's called Almond Tree! I suggest picking up one of the tourist magainzes that they give free of charge at any shoppette. Also, a must is the Tortuta Rum Cake!!!! The best I've ever eaten! We had some in Barbado's a few years ago and it just doesn't compare. We liked it so much we brought some back to Greece with us! Have fun! I wish I was going back!!!

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