Anyone stayed at Cap Juluca and CuisinArt?

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Anyone stayed at Cap Juluca and CuisinArt?

My wife and I are planning our next get-away, and I've been looking hard at Anguilla. We've been to Caneel Bay twice in the last 3 years (which we love), but my wife wants to try somewhere else this year. We have not been to any of the Caribbean islands other than St. John. From what I've read here on Fodor's (and elsewhere) Anguilla sounds like it has what we're looking for; beautiful uncrowded beaches, decent off-beach snorkeling, and good food. I'm not 100% set on Anguilla yet, but I'm leaning that way. So the next decision will be where to stay. Based on what I've read, the 2 obvious choices are Cap Juluca or CuisinArt. Here is where I'm looking for some help. Is there anyone out there who has stayed on both of these resorts who can give me a comparison of the two? Would you reccommend one over the other? Should I think about spending half the time in one resort and half in the other? Any info here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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If you love beaches, you will love Anguilla. I have been to Caneel about
5 times, love it-----but I like Anguilla better. Sure its not as tropical, but it is so easy to get around and has lots of waterfront restaurants, and little beach bars.

We always stay at Cap, been there about
16 times. We stayed at Cuisnart when it was first opened--its a very nice hotel,
but we prefer CJ. The hotel is spread out-you drive up to your own villa -
the beach is perfect. Since you stayed at Caneel, a pool or TV should not matter. Honestly its a personal choice-
no real wrong one. What are you looking for?
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I've stayed at both, and prefer Cap Juluca. I think it is 1000 times more romantic. It's probably my favorite hotel, so I'll try to be diplomatic in describing both properties.
Cap Juluca has a very "other worldly" feel, CuisinArt is more American. Cap Juluca has the most romantic open air restaurant, (look at their website for pictures). I have to confess, the food was good, but not as good as I would have expected for those prices. They will also set up a beautiful private dinner on the beach with no surcharge- which is unheard of in the Caribbean.
Downsides, if a pool is a must for you because the pool is really old and sad, but the beach is so stunning, I didn't want to leave it, so it didn't matter to me. Also, when I was there, (18 months ago), there was no spa. CusinArt- beautiful spa. The beach, much better at Cap- quieter, no wind, more secluded. CuisnArt more social atmosphere, open bar area...I hope this helps, rather than confuses. Oh, Cap includes a continental breakfast served on your terrace every morning.
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I've never been to Anguilla, though I know a number of people who adore the island. The reason we've not gone despite the fact that I've heard that the people are wonderful and the beaches gorgeous is that snorkeling is the highest priority for us. Every single person I've spoken with on the subject says the snorkeling on Anguilla is mediocre, almost non-existent, except for in a few spots. We love Caneel also, primarily for the snorkeling (certainly not for the food!). If snorkeling matters to you, I don't believe that Anguilla will be your cup of tea. (The food is supposed to be marvelous.) Maybe Virgin Gorda? Or Cayman or Bonaire. (And some posters seem to like T&C, but we weren't impressed with the snorkeling there.)
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Thanks for all of the replies. This helps tremendously. So far 2 votes for CJ, and none for CA. From what you guys have said, it sounds like CJ is more of what we're looking for. A great pool is nice, but certianly not a priority for us. Like I said, we love Caneel and I still have not even found their pool! Now my only concern is snorkeling. The last poster said the snorkeling on Anguilla is not very good. Is this true? Are there any good off-beach snorkeling spots on the island? Snorkeling is about the only actvivity we like to do, so it is kind of important to us. Thanks again!
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We have also traveled to Caneel Bay and Cap Juluca. Caneel Bay cannot be beat for snorkeling. Cap Juluca cannot be beat for romance and gorgeous setting. We have traveled to Caneel twice, but have chosen to spend our time at CJ yearly for the past six years. They have great romance packages in the spring/summer which include some meals. They will set up dinner on your balcony, complete with hurricane lamps, fresh flowers, and the ocean as the backdrop. CJ cannot be beat for a romantic getaway. We met a couple from New York last year, who traveled quite a bit, and they told us the only resort that they felt was comparable to CJ was Maroma Resort in Mexico. Happy Traveling!!
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See my reply to your snorkeling post - in a nut shell - off beach snorkeling on Anguilla is very limited. If snorkeling is a high priority for you consider going to another island.
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I have been to Caneel Bay, CJ and CA. Just back from Anguilla in Nov staying at CA and CJ, and will be returning in May for a trip to CA followed by a stay in the BVI (LDB). If snorkeling is really important then Anguilla may be disappointing. There isnít any snorkeling off the beach that would compare to St. Johnís or the BVI. You can find some that is OK but it wonít compare to Caneel.

With that said, the beaches of Anguilla are amazing surpassing most in the USVI and BVI. Both CJ and CA have great beaches with powdery white sand. CA sits on a 2 mile long beach with great views of St. Martin. CJ sits on a smaller beach that is equally beautiful. Some say CA is windier but I didnít notice a real difference Ė certainly isnít a wind storm that sand blasts you like Aruba. CJ is a bit more protected from the prevailing wind however. This wouldnít come into my decision making.

The real difference for me was the maintenance and staff. The grounds are extremely well manicured at CA Ė the flora is incredible particularly compared to CJ. CJ wasnít anywhere near as well maintained from the Hoby Cats to the rooms itself. It seems the recent ownership battle had really taken its toll on the property. The CJ staff also didnít seem as happy as the staff at CA who were always ready to ensure you were taken care of.

Again, the rooms at both places are very large and nicer than most of the rooms at Caneel. I think they are in much better condition at CA. The pools canít be compared as the pool at CA is great, not an afterthought as it is at CJ. But then who needs a pool when the beach is so great. The food is just above average at both although for romance Pimm's at CJ gets the call Ė Iíd try the many island restaurants for most dinners though. CA also has a great spa.

I think that if snorkeling is extremely important, then Iíd maybe look at the BVI - but the beaches will be very similar to that of Caneel. But if you want a bit of a change, the beaches are well worth visiting Anguilla.
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