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Randy Cooper Jul 14th, 1998 04:54 AM

Anyone Been To St. Croix?
I am getting married middle of November and planning a honeymoon to St. Croix for a week. What hotels would you recommend? Is the Buccaneer a good one? Also is a week too long for just one island? Do they have boats to the other 2 islands? How expensive is the food?

Cheri Jul 14th, 1998 12:14 PM

The Buccaneer is an excellent choice...especially the ocean front rooms. The food is good and you can spend as much as you choose to for meals. A week too long? Nah, a week is NEVER enough! Have a great time.

Clau Jul 15th, 1998 04:48 AM

Dear Marcia: I stayed at the Buccaneer a couple of years ago and had a marvelous experience. the Hotel area is huge and enough to entertaing you without being overwelming <BR>Food and service were great and yes you can make various excursions to neighbour islands and one week is not enough ! There's great shopping, restaurants and excursions. ope you'll like it

Randy Jul 16th, 1998 08:44 PM

Thanks for the information on St. Croix! On getting from St. Croix to the other islands is that a long boat ride of very expensive? What islands can we get to also?

Lauri Jul 18th, 1998 12:22 PM

I lived on St. croix for several years and am going for a holiday there is two weeks. My family still live there, and wouldn't mind sharing what they know...e-mail Barbara at [email protected] and tell her that her daughter sent you. You will have a great time!!!! Don't forget Buck Island!

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