ANTIGUA - requesting info on Royal Antiguan


May 5th, 1998, 03:00 PM
Jodi Costenbader
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ANTIGUA - requesting info on Royal Antiguan

Has anyone stayed at the Royal Anitguan?? I am looking for any information..especially about cleanliness, food and beaches. We have been to other islands including St. Martin, Aruba, and St. Lucia. How does Antigua compare?

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Feb 24th, 1999, 09:57 PM
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February 11, 1999
Karen Musumeci
22 Mulberry Circle
Staten Island, NY 10314

Liberty Travel
23-15 Richmond Avenue File # 006-79-1824-1
Staten Island, New York 10314
Attn.: Elaine Logelfo
Office Manager

Dear Ms. Logelfo:

Please accept the following as a detailed account of my bitter travel experience at the Royal Antiguan Beach & Tennis Resort.
While deciding what resort to choose, I presented my travel agent with several basic preferences. Among these preferences, was access to tennis, a quiet beach to relax on, and a clean well kept facility to stay at. In addition, I requested that my travel agent phone the Royal Antiguan to inquire about the availability of a safety deposit box. Having been assured that all of the above preferences were to be expected at the Royal Antiguan, I booked a vacation.
We arrived at the Royal Antiguan on February 5, 1999 after 4:00pm. We waited forty minutes for a room. Once in the room, we took the opportunity to look around. The room we were assigned to, was not the room represented by the photo in the travel catalog. (Please refer to the attached list for details). When we learned that room 721 was not going to be a room where we would be happy, we called the front desk to request a room change. We were told that the resort had no vacancies at that time.
Having spent a lot of money for this vacation, we resolved to try to make the best of a bad situation. We decided to go enjoy the beach. Before going to the beach, my fiancÚ and I stopped at the front desk to request a safety deposit box. We were told that there were no boxes available; we were then put on a waiting list. We immediately requested a meeting with the hotel manager on duty. Mr. Richards listened to all of our complaints. He assured us that we would be bumped up to the top of the security box waiting list. In addition, he informed us that the problems in the room would be taken care of promptly. During our meeting with the manager, we reiterated our request for a room change. We had paid for an ocean view room. The room we were assigned to had limited, if any view of the ocean/sea. Again, we were informed that no other rooms were available. Mr. Richards informed us that a room might be available on February 9. As we were departing on the 10th, this offer was less than helpful to us.
On our way to the beach, we were quickly solicited by numerous sales people for various restaurants and day trips. We demonstrated some assertiveness by informing the various sales people that we preferred to seek out our own reservations. We were without success in deterring the local sales people who continued to harass us on the premises of the resort. In addition to having to ward off sales pitches, we had to contend with construction going on right behind the beach (also on resort premises). Noises such as hammering and drilling interfere with my idea of relaxation.
A day or two later, we decided to play tennis. To our dismay, we found yet another problem. The tennis courts at the Royal Antiguan were being used by local children for a tennis tournament. We inquired with the sports coordinator, who informed us that the children were granted permission to use the private courts. This was disappointing and inconvenient for the paying customers.
A number of other significant problems exist at the resort. On February 9, at approximately 7:00pm, I discovered that a piece of jewelry had been taken from my hotel room. I immediately notified Mr. Jeffers, the manager on duty. Hotel security and the local police were called. I provided both parties with a detailed account of the incident along with a description of the item. The local police were surprised to learn that a safety security box could not be provided. Before leaving our valuables behind in the room, we would ensure that all doors were secured. On our daily return from the beach, we would learn that the terrace door had been left unlocked by housekeeping services. The Royal Antiguan Resort was negligent in maintaining what minimal security we had. The guest room terraces are directly connected. Several seconds are more than enough time for a neighboring occupant to trespass into my room. Again, the police were surprised at the lack of security with regard to terrace accessability. The police's officers who filed the report informed us that they planned to speak with hotel administration about better room security.
On February 9, I made arrangements to be picked up in the front of the Resort. I called the Alexander Parrish Company, and a representative instructed me to be outside at 1:00pm. At 1:20pm, I began to be concerned. I asked the front desk to call the company to inquire about a pick up. After making an unsuccessful call, the front desk attendant informed me that Alexander Parrish was in the process of dissolving operations. She instructed me to give my voucher to a taxi for transport. She further warned me by saying that I would have difficulty being picked up by a taxi because cash paying customers were preferred. We were refused a ride back to the airport by a dozen drivers. Ultimately, I raised my voice and started to draw attention. We were granted a ride at 2:05pm.
I might have felt a little better about my experience at the Royal Antiguan if some effort had been made to correct the various problems which were reported to management. We were assured that they would be addressed and they never were. A fellow disgruntled vacationer suggested that I post my experience with the Royal Antiguan Resort on the Internet. Before I do so, I'd like to afford all parties the opportunity to provide some compensation for my horrendous experiences.

When available, you will be provided with a copy of the police report which was filed on February 9, 1999. I have taken photographs of various problems in the room. Please contact me at the above phone number if you require copies for your investigation of this resort.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Karen musumeci

Major Hotel Room Complaints

1. Loose tiles on the bathroom floor and around the shower.
2. Old damaged furniture throughout the room.
3. No VCR; Ocean View rooms were to be equipped with a VCR.
4. Small bugs were seen all over the room. Large insects were observed near the ice machines

Additional Complaints

1. There were flies all over the food at The Lagoon Cafe, and Beach Grill and Bar.
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