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corinne Sep 23rd, 2002 05:03 PM

Another Miami airport question. Do I have enough time to make a connection?
Just a few more days and I am off to Provo!<BR>Right now I am scheduled on a flight out of Miami that arrives in Provo at 7:30 p.m.<BR>I will have 90 minutes to make that connection in Miami, I am not worried about that flight, but I am concerned I will get into Provo so late and lose most of that day.<BR><BR>There is another flight option that has only a 30 minute connection. I want to try and fly stand-by on these flights. My first leg arrives in Miami at 12:42 and there is an AA flight at 1:15, arriving at 2:52, ahhh, just in time for happy hour!<BR><BR>I will not be checking any luggage so I am hoping I can make it to my AA flight in time.<BR>I haven't been in Miami Airport, would you take the chance? If I miss it, I can always wait for my later flight, but I will be spending 5 hours in the airport.

Statia Sep 23rd, 2002 05:49 PM

That's pretty tight. You aren't leaving any room for inclement weather, congestion at the airport (both aircraft and people at security), etc.<BR><BR>You also have to consider that your Provo flight will begin boarding at the same time your incoming flight arrives. They might begin putting standbys on before you arrive at the gate.<BR><BR>With no checked baggage, it's worth a try, just as long as you don't have to go thru security and you are flying the same airline all the way. I wouldn't do it myself, but to each his own. Just be sure you have a back up plan in case you miss your scheduled flight to Provo.<BR><BR>You could always check the airline website for current gate status (to see how close the gates are), but those can change last minute, too.<BR><BR>Good luck.<BR><BR>

fyi Sep 23rd, 2002 09:15 PM

if you are flying coach you will take that long to land and get off the plane. minimum to transfer bags is 45 mins. take a late flight into mia and overnite it to catch the earlier flight

Professional Traveler Sep 24th, 2002 12:29 AM

AA's published minimum conntecting time at MIA is 45 minutes so you have no protections whatsoever if you miss that connection. And with the latest changes, they may even charge you to then go on the later flight.<BR><BR>The previous poster has good advice and there is an excellent and convenient hotel, right in the AA concourse.

SBHlover Sep 24th, 2002 04:48 AM

Get your flight numbers and go to, check over several days as to the arrival gate of your inbound flight and departure gate of your outbound. Check the airport gate layout and you'll get an idea of how far you have to go and wether you have to go through security again or not.

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