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ecnill Mar 1st, 2008 11:54 AM

Alternative to St. Barths
Hello all. We've just returned from our 10th visit to St. Barths, which we absolutely love. BUT, are finding it 1) too costly; and 2) too crowded; and 3) increasingly "americanized". We are thinking about Les Saintes (a recommendation of my daughter who sailed in there 5 years ago) but have no information. Has anyone been? Is there a best way to collect information? Thanks!

Spainfan Mar 16th, 2008 10:48 AM

As a St Bart regular,we have also looked for alternatives. We went to Les Saintes a few years ago and posted a full report on sbhonline. It should still be there. (StBartFan...I am clever with screen names) We enjoyed it. It is very quiet. Not much to do. Restaurants not on a par with St. Bart. I believe the best "hotel", Auberge Les Saintes may have been sold. If I had to compare it to a place in St. Bart it would be Trois Forces,but a bit nicer. It also had the best restaurant on the island. The owner,Didier Spindler , in now in St. Bart. The beaches are nice, but not up to St.Bart. Town gets busy during the day with people coming off their sail boats etc. No cars, but you can rent scooters. You may want to try it for a few days before you go there instead of St. Bart.

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