50th Birthday with Family


Oct 25th, 2016, 05:45 AM
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50th Birthday with Family

My husband wants me to pick a place to go with our 2 adult sons (22 & 24) in March of 2017. Finding the right place for us is very important as we do not travel often and I really want this to be special for all of us. We will certainly enjoy the warm sun after a long winter living in NJ! We have been to Mexico when the kids were little, and we thought an all inclusive resort to the carribean would be amazing! My husband and I traveled to St. John a couple of years ago with another couple and absolutely loved the Island feel, especially our boat trip to Jost Van Dyke....I have to say, the prettiest beach I have ever seen in my life! I seriously had to pinch myself and ask my husband, is this what heaven looks like? The tourquoise clear water and the white sand! I'm sure there are other islands in the carribean that look like this but just not sure where to go. We would hope for a direct flight from NJ and not too far of a drive from the airport once landed. I came up with Antigua for its safety (the boys like to venture out a little). The Resort, St. James Club came up as they are having a sale right now. I also looked at Galley Bay, which is a little more pricey, all adult which is fine, but much more exclusive.... not sure if the boys would like it? We all play golf as a family and I personally love relaxing dinners with sunsets over the beautiful water! I thought I would try this forum for any recommendations in the carribean for a family of 4 adults. Open to all recommendations! Hoping to book this week before the holidays hit and prices start to go up! Yikes!
Thank you in advance,
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Oct 25th, 2016, 06:55 AM
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First, let me give you a brief tutorial about airline lingo: You are probably looking for a destination you can reach "Non-Stop" (i.e. the plane flies from Point A to Point B without making any stops) not a "Direct Flight" (i.e. A flight which makes 1 or more intermediate stops while on route to its final destination). FYI - A "Connecting Flight" is where you make 1 or more stops involving plane changes before reaching your final destination. I tell you this so you do inadvertently book a "Direct Flight" if you really want a "Non-stop" flight.

Having said all that you should be able to find Non-stops flights from JFK to Antigua on American and Jet Blue. You should also be able to find Non-stops from NYC Area airports to most of the major islands so you have lots of options.

Second, with the exception of the very large islands (Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.) you'll generally find that the distances from the airport to your resort won't be significant so don't let that be a driving factor in your hotel or island choice. Even on the big islands you may find many resorts and hotels are within relatively short rides from the airport.

Since you are considering Antigua and you like golf you should know that the (better) Golf Course - Cedar Valley - is located on the exact opposite of the island from St. James Club and it will take you about 40 minutes to get there from the Resort. It's about a 25 minute drive from Galley Bay. There's a lesser Golf Course at Jolly Harbor but distances from the two resorts you are considering are about the same as to Cedar Valley. Lastly, neither are among the best golf courses in the Caribbean. If you are serious golfers you might want to consider a different island. For what it is worth, you'll find lots of excellent golf courses as well as "golf resorts" in Puerto Rico, in the Dominican Republic (Teeth of the Dog at Casa de Campo is one of the best golf courses in the Caribbean) and on Barbados (Green Monkey at Sandy Lane Resort is also top notch).

The Marriott on St. Kitts has a very nice golf course as part of the resort and the Four Seasons on Nevis has a Championship Course right on the Property but the islands lack the white sand and bright turquoise water you crave (those islands have darker sand and steel blue water).

Also, Greens Fess for the better golf courses in the Caribbean will be pricey. Depending on the island and the golf course you can expect to pay anywhere from $125US to $250US per person for 18 holes.

Lastly, we stayed at Galley Bay and found it to be a very nice resort. It should suit your family just right.

Hope this helps.
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