25th Anniversary - Would you play it safe?

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25th Anniversary - Would you play it safe?

If you were planning a special splurge for your 25th anniversary, would you choose a place where you've already been and you know you love, or would you take a chance and go to some place new?

We're torn. There are places where we've been that we really love, but there are places that we haven't yet experienced that we might not otherwise get a chance to splurge on.

So what do all of you experienced Fodorites think?
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I'd probably do a little of both - of course that is probably what we do on most trips we take also.
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We rarely go to the same place twice, as there are so many places we want to see.

But, for our 25th anniversary, we went back to Bermuda, where we had spent our honeymoon. That made it both romantic and nostalgic, and we plan to return for our 50th (omg, in only 13 years).
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Tough call. I haven't made too many repeat visits yet beause there are so many new places I've not tried, but there have been very few places in the Caribbean that I wouldn't return to in a heartbeat.

Instead of splurging in terms of money, would you be able to splurge in terms of time? That way you could combine a trip with an old favorite and still see a new location without being rushed in either spot.
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For me and my spouse the answer is easy - we'd try someplace different. In all our travels we have been to far more "new" places that we enjoyed than places we didn't like.

As far as the Caribbean goes, it's hard to find someplace "bad". It's more a matter of being not as "good" as someplace else. Remember if you keep doing the same old thing you will keep getting the same old results!

Of course it's your vacation and your money. It seems to me if you are posing the question then perhaps you and your spouse are not as adventurous as us (and others). Do what YOU think is right.
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Thanks for your quick responses. I'm not sure if it will be feasible to combine our choices as the locations, etc., are so different. We're considering the Hawaiian Islands (which we could combine an old favorite with a new island adventure). We are considering a couple of the Greek Isles (Hubby has been to Crete). We are considering a cruise of Northern Europe or we are considering a couple of Caribbean Islands. If we did choose to stay in the Caribbean, we could definitely combine something old and something new.

A Traveler - LOL, you're right. After following this site and learning invaluable information from knowledgeable Fodorites, I guess you could say we're not as adventurous. Ordinarily we would be, but since this is going to be a splurge, we are a little uncertain; not to the point that it will stop us from doing something new, but is something that we feel we need to consider.

We've been to several places in the Caribbean and while I can't say that I disliked any of them, I can't say that I would want to do my splurge on a couple of them.
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I'd be tempted to splurge by upgrading my room/villa type at my favorite place and planning some extra special dinners. A flight upgrade can make a trip feel special. On the way home, it seems to extend that wonderful vacation feeling for just a little bit longer.
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I think the great advantage of forums like this is that it allows you to get personal perspectives/experiences and advice on places where you have never been before so that you're not as "blind" as you may have been otherwise. You can make more informed choices by exploring a new place on this forum. Your question is tough, though. 25 years is certainly a sginificant amount of time... I guess I'd want to celebrate with a new, fresh adventure with my beloved.
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Have you considered Anguilla in the Caribbean? It's terribly romantic and beautiful. There are tons of beaches to explore and great restaurants to eat at. I"m willing to bet you would have one of the best anniversary dinners ever there. It also allows you another option-to take a day trip to St. Martin which has a completely different vibe than Anguilla. Just a suggestion, but we absolutely love it there!
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