Wow!!!! Niagara falls


Sep 20th, 2010, 05:38 AM
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Wow!!!! Niagara falls

Monday ,my birthday and of to Niagara Falls,we picked up the car from Union Station at 8am and it was really easy to get out of Toronto not a lot of traffic ,We drove to Niagara on the lake and had a look around the shops and walked down to the lakes ,it is a pretty town and it was really busy a lot of coach trips so we stayed for lunch at the Prince of Wales which was OK but not great .So we headed off to the falls and checked in early at the Hilton,we had used Hilton honers points for our room so were expecting a city view ,as it was my birthday we had been up graded to a beautiful fall view room on the 39 floor it was a lovely room ,We went on the maid of the mist and behind the falls that afternoon .The falls are so beautiful and I was stunned at how amazing they are.We had dinner at the Watermark Restaurant over looking both the falls which were all lit up and we watched the fireworks at 10pm before heading to the casino to lose some money ,we had no idea what we were doing but it was a fun way to pass an hour. Dinner and the wine was excellent by the way .We had a local sparkling wine from the Pellar estate and I really enjoyed it,so much so I brought a couple of bottles duty free at the airport. to bring home along with my ice wine which is nice but very sweet.
We had a lazy morning and had breakfast and a swim before heading back to Toronto,to be honest we were really quite tired after all the travelling and we were beginning to slow down.
We left the hotel around 11am and headed to the Pellar estates Winery for lunch and tour it was excellent and the lunch was very good.We sat on the patio for lunch as it was much less formal than the dining room the waitress was super friendly and told you all about the different wines and she was very knowledgeable about the wines and the food that they served,I had some more of sparkling wine that I had the night before and it was a lovely way to spend a lazy lunch and the samples of ice wine were nice too I had to finish hubby's as well as he was driving .We drove from the falls to the express way via the lake road and stopped to admire the lake many times,we stopped and brought some fruit from one of the stalls,the peaches were lovely and so cheap compared to the U.K. . We were even lucky enough to have eagle soaring over head at one stop now that did take our my breath away .
After a nice drive we arrived back into Toronto around 5pm and hit rush hour again and we thought London was bad!!!
We ordered room service and watched T.V ,it was the first time we had eaten at the Sheraton and it was pretty good ,althou quite expensive.
We had considered going to The Falls on a coach trip,I am so glad I took the advice of someone on this forum and stayed overnight as this trip to The Falls was one off the many highlights of our trip to Canada and we really enjoyed the trip back driving along the lake road and it was nice to have the time just to stop and take in the sights.
So Wednesday was our last day and we headed to the farmers market opposite at the city hall and we walked down to the ferry to visit the island's,it was quite a cold day but it did not rain much so that was good and we stopped at the rectory cafe for coffee and cake we had a long walk around the islands and got some great pictures off the Toronto Skyline ,the island are a completely different world for the city just across the water.
We headed back on the ferry around 4pm and went to the harbour front to do a little gift shopping and dinner at the Irish Pub (it was the worst meal we had during our visit ) The service was good the food was horrible and we laughed as hubby ordered a Beer called Boddingtons which at home is served at room temperature and when he tasted it and discovered it was served ice cold in canada ,he was not very keen on that either. So we stopped at Longos (I liked this store) on the way back to the hotel to buy some more fruit and snacks for the evening and the following morning .
We caught the airport express back to the airport the following afternoon after having lunch at Traders at the Hotel ,the coach picked us up from the stop just outside the Sheraton Hotel on Richmond Street and this is a great service and so reasonable priced.We would recommend it.
Our flight home was horrible we were delayed leaving Toronto ,The check in staff were rude and unhelpful,we checked in 4 hours early(I am a nervous flyer and I like to sit next to some one I know ) and she checked us in but had us sitting four rows apart,and when I mentioned that we would like to sit together she just dismissed us and told us we would have to see the cabin crew .Hubby spoke to the supervisors ,as I was upset ,who sorted it out for us but sometimes *you just wonder why??*We hardly saw the cabin crew during the flight ,and when we got onto the flight everyone was trying to change seats as the check in staff had all the seating wrong.So the cabin crew had to sort all that out before we could take off resulting in us being delayed even later.
So all in all we had a great visit to Canada and I am so glad we made this trip,of course the Toronto that I saw was not the Toronto that my Mum knew ,but it was lovely visit I had grown up hearing about Toronto and Canada so I am glad I can now say I have seen it as well .Never did see any bears !!!!(I really should of gone to the zoo)
So thank you to everyone that helped us in the research and the planning for the trip.I never got to do all the things I had planned because of the side trip to Ottawa ,but that trip was also wonderful and we are really glad we saw Ottawa as well and meeting my cousin and her family was a great bonus .
Thank you all so much
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Sep 20th, 2010, 07:31 AM
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Good report - thanks for posting!
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Sep 20th, 2010, 08:52 AM
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Nice reports. Happy that your trip worked out so well.
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Sep 20th, 2010, 02:27 PM
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well done Gleaner - I'm glad you had a memorable trip. I remember some of your first postings on Fodor's trying to determine family roots. Let's hope we see you in Canada again.

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