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rrj8d Oct 13th, 2005 06:00 PM

Where would you stay, entertainment district or Yorkville.
My options are two stay in the Four Season, or the Intercontinental in Yorkville or at the Soho Metropolitan in the entertainment district. ANy advice.
How far are these areas from the Queen village area?
Also, how far are these two areas from each other?

Kate_W Oct 14th, 2005 03:50 AM

The Four Seasons and the InterContinental are within two blocks of the intersection of Avenue Road and Bloor Street West, and a few blocks away from Museum subway stop on the North-South line and a block away from either the Bay (Four Seasons) or St George (InterC) stops on the East-West line.

The Soho Met is a little bit east of Spadina and between King and Front St (as you mentioned, the entertainment district). You've got about an 8-10 minute walk to get to the N-S subway line, but you are close to the streetcars on King and Spadina.

It's about a 25-40 minute walk the Four Seasons to the Soho Met, but there are lots of transportation options between the two.

There are several interesting "villages" on Queen St. I think you are probably thinking of Queen West (the original Queen West, now a bit overtaken by chain stores etc but still interesting). It's just a few blocks north of the Soho Met, running from Spadina (in the West to University Ave in the East).

More interesting is "West Queen West", the neighbourhoods where the artsy types who originally settled in Queen West moved to when it got to expensive and the chain stores moved in. Roughly speaking, it starts around Bathurst (about a 10-15 minute walk west of Spadina) and continues very far west all the way to the Drake Hotel and probably further now (it would take about an hour or more to walk the full strip). But there is an interesting section starting around Bathurst.

There are also what might be called villages on Queen Street East (about a 30 minute subway ride in the other direction), including Leslieville and the Beaches (well-established).

Yorkville is rather chi-chi (more money than style), and it has a lot of big designer names as well as the usual medium-high priced chain stores. But immediately to the West of Yorkville is the university district (called the Annex), and once you get past a strip of cheap restaurants (e.g. west of Spadina), you'll find yourself in a very interesting residential/shopping/restaurant neighbourhood (populated by students, profs and professionals). There some nice, moderately priced cafes, restaurants and unique shops. Closer to the hotels, you'll find a couple of interesting museums (the Royal Ontario Museum and the Bata Shoe Museum - one of my favourites).

I think your choice should depend on: a) what you want to do in Toronto; and b) specific reviews of the hotels (check If you're going to spend all of your time in the entertainment district or are planning to go to hockey games or concerts down at that end of the city, you might prefer the Soho. I would probably choose to stay in Yorkville because of its good subway connections, proximity to the Annex and easy access to other interesting parts of the city (like little Italy, just a little further south). But I have had some friends say that the rooms at the Four Seasons are rather dull in terms of design, so this might not be the best Four Seasons experience around.

BAK Oct 14th, 2005 08:10 PM

It depends on what I was going to do, and who I was going to do it with.

Yorkville is a wonderful area; two friends live there, two clients have offices there, and it's a great part of Toronto.

But I live in the entertainment district, and think that's a great part of the city, too.

For a day or two, it does not matter. You won;t run out of good restaurants in either place, and ifyour hotel choices reflect your budget, it's easy to take a cab from one neightborhood to the other. I often walk between the two, just because the walk is interesting.

Fine restaurants in both areas; you've got the Royal Ontario Museum near the Four Seasons, but the Art Gallery of Ontario is just a short walk from the Soho Metro.

Depending on your personal style, Le Germain, a block from the Soho Metro, might appeal more; it certainly would be my choice in that part of town.

Ben_e_fit Oct 16th, 2005 01:27 PM

I think Yorkville is lovely. I used to live not far from the neighbourhood. You can't go wrong there. But as BAK says the entertainment district is great too. Either way, you can't lose.

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