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estaten May 11th, 2011 01:26 PM

Week in Nova Scotia- Halifax,Truro,and Fredericton.
I am looking at a trip in June where I would fly into and out of Halifax. I have free accommodations available in the listed towns. My wife and I like to base and do day trips. Not familiar with NS. With those bases can you recommend an Itinerary for a 6 to 8 day trip?
Would Truro make a good base after a couple of days in Halifax. Should we even go to Fredericton? Maybe a couple of days in each? Any suggestions appreciated..

NorthwestMale May 11th, 2011 03:12 PM

Wow, Truro is quite splendid as a "base", and it seems like all journeys lead through there, even if it isn't easy to find assorted things to do IN Truro.

I love how Truro, as a base, reduces the round trip to Hopewell Cape down to a manageable 4 1/2 hours.

In my humble opinion that limits the need to consider Fredericton.

I think I would bite the bullet and spend a night on Cape Breton in order to afford yourself a good look at the Cabot Trail.

Other than that, Truro works as a grand base for just about anything I could think of.

Do a day trip to Pictou.

Drive west toward Parrsboro on highway 2 for as long as you can inspire yourself to keep going (it's only 57 miles, but the bay shore scenery is all I want you to see)

If you're into hiking... definitely consider a day trip out to "Cape Split" (you drive to Wolfville, then to Scots Bay... and you park, and then hike for 5 hours ROUND TRIP... and get yourself out on a bluff, in the middle of the water... with the world's highest tides all around)

I think you'll find that Truro makes for an excellent base as long as you don't find yourself pressing for things to do right there.

mat54 May 11th, 2011 03:14 PM

Halifax is a good base for exploring the closer parts of the "Lighthouse Route" which is the coast southwest of Halifax. Historic towns, quaint fishing villages, stretches of pristine seacoast, many beaches - some developed and some off-the-beaten-path - uncrowded and lovely for beachcombing(most too cold for swimming). You could also day-trip to Wolfville and Cape Blomidon, as well as up the Eastern Shore a bit. You'll also want to leave at least a full day for Halifax itself which has a number of worthwhile sites including the Citadel and the vibrant Harbour district. So, as you have free accommodation, you could easily do 4 or 5 nights here using Halifax as a base for day-trips.

I'm not sure about Truro as a base for daytrips, although your free accommodation here is understandably a big plus. Parrsboro and Cape Chignecto might be possible from there, but it would be a lot nicer and more convenient to stay near one of those. I think the same could be said for most of the other destinations you might be thinking of day-tripping from Truro (maybe you can give more details on your thoughts here?).

Cape Breton is spectacular, but probably too far for 6 to 8 days plus you don't have the accommodation advantage of your other destinations.

If you get into New Brunswick - you might try to fit in a visit (maybe on route) to the Fundy Shore sites that highlight the dramatic and famous Fundy Tides like Hopewell Rocks and Fundy National Park/Alma.

I've lunched in Fredericton but never stayed there. Seems like a pleasant little city. You might be able to day-trip some of the Fundy Shore from there, although it would be a fairly long drive.

LJ May 11th, 2011 04:10 PM

There is so much already suggested here that I will just summarize from my own experience.

For 6 or even 8 days, I would not bother with Fredericton. It is pleasant, but you have 'spectacular' right at hand in NS.

With Truro as a base, I would plan on day-trips to 1)Halifax and 2)Parrsboro/Cape Chignecto (have lunch at the Cap D'Or Lighthouse) and 3)Annapolis Valley/Blomidon.

But for both the Lighthouse Route jaunt and Cape Breton, I would splash out for overnight accomodation.

While you can get to Lunenburg and back in a day, you will miss the leisurely pace of Route 3, meandering through Chester, Mahone Bay and even down as far as beautiful Crescent Beach and stunning Hirtle Beach (Rose Bay way) can do all this with an overnighter in Lunenburg,a World UNESCO site with fabulous inns and restaurants, too.

And no one should come to NS without seeing the Cape Breton Highlands. It is just WRONG!

You have the time to do this, if you plan carefully.(and if I sound enthusiastic, it is because I live here...just moved to NS a year ago and "no fanatic like a convert"!

irecommend May 11th, 2011 08:08 PM

I have done NS many times as well as lived there and would greatly hesitate on recommending Truro as a base. It surely does not represent the best or even close to the middle of the charm of NS.
Definitely add Cape Breton which will require 3 days.
From Halifax you can do day trips to the Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Annapolis.
If you must, spend one night in Truro and check out the tides.

NorthwestMale May 11th, 2011 09:34 PM

LOL - OK irecommend, then in your estimation, just what IS the middle of the areas to be seen in NS?

Nobody ever accused Truro of having "charm", but as a central location, and with the way NS minor highways are such sloooooooooooow goes, Truro is quite suitable.

For "day trips", Truro is much more than adequate as a base for NS, particularly considering the sense in driving to Hopewell Cape on one of them. And how in the world does Parrsboro count as "more convenient" (as a 'base') for various spots in and around the NS/NB area, when most are in NS??

This isn't a question of whether Truro itself is going to entertain anyone for hours (once you've gone white water river rafting UP river once... it won't be something you'll do over and over again - near Truro).

Truro is fine for the purpose cited. So the answer to the OP's question is "Yes, Truro would make a good base after a couple of days in Halifax"

estaten May 13th, 2011 09:25 AM

OK you have convinced me, skip Fredericton and spring for a couple of nights is Cape Breton. That would give me one whole day there and part of another. Given a day and a half what would be the best place to stay( same both nights or tow different) and what to see in that time? Thanks again.

irecommend May 13th, 2011 04:40 PM

"And how in the world does Parrsboro count as "more convenient" (as a 'base') for various spots in and around the NS/NB area, when most are in NS??"

I never suggested Parrsboro. In fact, on a first visit to NS I wouldnt even go to Parrsboro. Im not sure where you get that Northwest.

In one week in NS i would say 3 days Hallifax with day trips from there to Lunenburg, Mahone Bay and then Annapolis and then the remaining days doing the Cabot Trail.
NS is a gem, lots of great places to see. But the best , IMHO are the ones I have put forward, for a first time visit. The top spots, again, IMHO.

NorthwestMale May 13th, 2011 05:10 PM


The question to you was as follows:

"in your estimation, just what IS the middle of the areas to be seen in NS?"

And the question of central importance in the OP was "Would Truro make a good base after a couple of days in Halifax?"

Needless to say, nobody ever said that you "suggested Parrsboro".

Everything is well documented up above, in black and white.

irecommend May 13th, 2011 07:40 PM

I guess then I disagree.


"Truro is fine for the purpose cited. So the answer to the OP's question is "Yes, Truro would make a good base after a couple of days in Halifax"

Truro is only 100 Km from Halifax. If you have used Halifas as a base for your first 3 days of a week in NS your next 3-4 days should be more than 100 km away. I recommend spending them in Cape Breton. Not Truro. That is my opinion.

Tanya May 14th, 2011 01:37 PM

Ok let me weight in. Accommodations available in Halifax and you are flying in and out of that city. Take advantage of 3-4 days and as mentioned above, spend a day exploring Halifax city. Daytrip to Peggy's Cove, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg for a day. Daytrip to the Annapolis Valley - Wolfville (if on a Saturday - they have a great farmer's market). In Truro you can spend a night (assuming with friends anyway). You can certainly do a day trip to New Glasgow/Pictou/Tatmagouche. Another one towards Parrsboro. That gives you about 5 days of activity and a couple to relax. The other option is to take the ferry from Pictou/Caribou and drive across PEI (stop in Charlottetown for a few hours to sightsee) and then drive off the Island at Summerside across Confederation Bridge. You can easily make it back to Truro for the night. A long day, but you get to see a lot of country.

Fredericton is about 4 hours away if you take the main highway without stopping or going off the beaten track.

OceanBreeze1 May 14th, 2011 01:54 PM

Agree that Cape Breton & a tour of the Cabot Trail should be included in your travel plans. However, I would flip things around and begin in Cape Breton. When you feel the time is right, then head towards Halifax & the South Shore. Cape Breton is spectacularly beautiful. You want to take your time, allow for "fog days", and just meander. It's a meandering kind of place.

Is there a particular reason why you are going to Nova scotia in June? July, August, September would be warmer.

Ocean ((H))

beba May 14th, 2011 03:04 PM

Halifax is a great place to stay to do things in the city and the outskirts. As for staying in Truro I certainly would not spend more than one night there for several reasons. 1. it is too close to Hfx (about an hour away), and 2. there really is nothing going on in that city at all. Nothing, in my opinion.

As for Fredericton, I would not discount that out intirely. It is a pretty little city, an easy drive on divided highways, has a nice market on Sat mornings, good hiking in parks in town, is close to the Maqtaquack Dam, also very close to Kings landing ( a recreated city typical of the 1800's where you interact with people of the 'time' and see how our ancestors lived) . There is a Playhouse where it is possible to see live entertainment, they have a wonderful art gallery, it is the capitol of NB and there are some beautiful old historic homes along the waterfront. It also has a lovely university where you might be able to secure some cheap rooms for the time you are there.

Anyway, those are some thoughts to think about.

NorthwestMale May 14th, 2011 07:43 PM

Does nobody pay attention to the OP anymore?

The option for free accommodations is limited to three spots. Fredericton is prooooooooooobably too far away from "Nova Scotia" to be convenient to much of anything.

The person states, clearly, that he and his wife "like to base and do day trips".

It is that element of the OP's preferences which give Truro some usefulness.

Clearly I did suggest spending a night on Cape Breton. Beyond that, much of the rest of NS is within reach for people day-tripping from Truro.

(and don't forget, that gas is something near to $1.40 a litre)

As for irecommend:

You STILL haven't answered the question:

"""in your estimation, just what IS the middle of the areas to be seen in NS?"""

irecommend May 14th, 2011 08:44 PM

""As for irecommend:

You STILL haven't answered the question:

"""in your estimation, just what IS the middle of the areas to be seen in NS?"""

Sorry, NWM. I didnt answer that question , but I did lay out what I have found from my many, many trips to NS to be what I would consider an excellent first trip to NS for the time mentioned.

You obviously love Truro. Almost every other poster here has suggested otherwise or to definitely limit the time there. We even found it difficult to find a decent restaurant there.

As always, every person has there own preferences and experiences.

estaten- I suggest you check out the NS tourism website and get the Doers and Dreamers Guide. It lays out the different areas of NS and the interests they present.

What kind of things interest you? Do you like to hike, or do museums, historical sites, or beautiful scenery? There are many ways that you can approach NS and it would probably help to know what really interests you. It is a beautiful province and I think you are going to really enjoy it.

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