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jg Dec 25th, 2002 04:38 PM

Valentines in Montreal
I am taking my wife for a surprise trip to Montreal over Valentines Weekend in February. I am looking for a very special, upscale hotel experience (and a couple romantic restaurant reservations) -- price no object for this special weekend. Would appreciate some recommendations very much. Thanks in advance.

ss Dec 25th, 2002 05:32 PM

Have you checked these threads for hotels already? There are many mentioned that are quite nice and romantic.<BR>Le Germain<BR>Nelligan<BR>Sofitel<BR>Omni<BR>Vogue

jg Dec 26th, 2002 02:34 PM

SS - yes, I have read the other posts but there seems to be universal discord with respect to most of those listed -- some say great things and others not so great. For instance, nobody really mentions the Ritz or the Hotel Le St. James, two I have heard nice things about. I am looking for that property that stands out above the rest. Thanks for any help you or anyone can offer.

ss Dec 26th, 2002 05:16 PM

OK, the Ritz is tired and ratty around the edges.<BR>Don't know the St James aside from the outside being very nice.<BR>Stayed at the Omni when it was the Four Seasons and the Omni, Jr Suite on rue Sherbrook, so it was a nice stay in a very nice Big hotel.<BR>Le Germain is excellent, boutique style hotel, great service, good location.<BR>Auberge Vieux Port, charming, great in the summer, boring in the winter.<BR>

Donna Dec 26th, 2002 06:35 PM

I HIGHLY recommend booking a room forthwith at the new Sofitel via their website. LOW rates because it's winter and the hotel is new and not &quot;known&quot; yet, but a 4-5*, depending upon where you look. Try Hotwire first, though. On Hotwire, you really can't go wrong with a 4* or above. We're staying there over New Year's and will report back.<BR><BR>As for romantic restaurants, you must book forthwith for Valentine's Day. <BR><BR>Top choices would be Toque or Les Halles, in my opinion. The &quot;tasting menu&quot; at Les Halles is extraordinary (they ask your preferences before deciding what to prepare especially for you). Both are worth every penny. <BR><BR>The Ritz is definitely worn and tired. It's changed hands many times recently, long term employees have left, and lots of &quot;brochure ammenities&quot;, such as the piano/martini bar (and we LOVED that) no longer exist. <BR><BR>The Hotel Vogue is awesome, but a bit too slick and modern for us.<BR><BR>My first choice is always Hotel de la Montagne, though. A bargain for the hotel with absolutely everything (to us anyway). Two truly romantic restaurants within (one fancy, one more casual) and a really nice cocktail lounge with live music. In the winter, in case it's bitter cold outside, it's really nice to be able to hibernate in the hotel with everything you could possibly need or want. If you decide to book there, request a room on an upper floor overlooking Rue Crescent. <BR><BR>(Note, we're staying at the Sofitel due to spectacular Hotwire rates and because Montagne was booked when we finally decided to go.)

Marla Dec 26th, 2002 07:19 PM

Forget the Ritz. We stayed there with AmExp once thinking we got a huge bargain. &quot;Worn and tired&quot; is a perfect description. We were horribly disappointed.<BR><BR>Old Montreal is dreary during winter and it's a hike, uphill and down, to the nearest metro station. <BR><BR>If you're thinking of one of the new &quot;boutique&quot; hotels, I, personally, don't think they're worth the extra (some have gorgeous rooms, for sure - but how much time do you really spend in the hotel room?). In the wintertime, you'd be well advised to select a hotel with at least one awesome restaurant within and, hopefully, a really nice cocktail lounge.

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