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james Jan 19th, 2003 05:34 PM

Summer In Newfoundland
Just starting to plan our summer vacation in Newfoundland and looking for advice on must-sees and accomodation. Also any advice from your past trip(s) would be appreciated.<BR><BR>We have two children ages 11 and 14; do not camp; like 2 or 3 moderate day hikes; perhaps sea-kayak for half day or one day.<BR><BR>One general question is how many days to spend in Newfoundland (we have flexibility to do 7 to 14 days and will be flying and renting car) assuming we want to do west and east (including St John's) coasts.<BR><BR>Thx in advance for your input.

ALF Jan 19th, 2003 05:55 PM

What a coincidence! We also have 11 and 14-year olds, and will be spending 2 weeks in Newfoundland this summer. We are leaving them behind though! Have never been there before, but have done some research. One thing we've learned is that car rentals are outrageously expensive, as are flights to St. Johns. It looks cheaper to fly into Halifax, rent a car there, then take a ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland. <BR><BR>It sure looks to me like 7 days is pretty skimpy. I think at least 10 days are needed if you are going across the whole island and back.<BR><BR>Here are a few Web sites that we liked:<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>In talking to people who have been to The Rock, everyone seems to agree that the best day hikes are in Gros Morne.<BR><BR>We are going kayaking at Woody Island Resort ( in Placentia Bay.<BR><BR>Have a great time - we are looking forward to our trip too!

Molly Jan 19th, 2003 06:11 PM

I would allow the full 2 weeks - especially if starting out of Halifax. Newfoundland is BIG! <BR><BR>Alf is correct. Gros Morne has great hiking. Green Gardens, Tablelands, Western Brook, the short walk to Broom Point with the fishing exhibit and talk, and James Callihan {Gros Morne Mountain} were my husband and my favorites. Gros Morne is the most diificult of these, with a rather scary scramble up a very steep rock scree.<BR><BR>Whale-watching is fantastic in Newfoundland. We saw many whales offshore, but you can combine whale-watching with an excellent boat trip to see iceburgs up close from St. Anthony.<BR><BR>St. Mary's is another must-see.<BR><BR>Have fun!

Brian Kilgore Jan 20th, 2003 08:09 AM

A note in a Christmas card from a 70 year old aunt living in Florida chastised me for telling her two weeks in Newfoundland last summer would be too long. She and two friends loved it, and wanted more time.<BR><BR>So there you go. Two weeks is almost long enough.<BR><BR>It's a big province, so a lot of time will be spent just driving. If you fly to Nova Scotia and rent a car there, you'll have to drive clear across the province, and not in a straight line, to get to St. John's.<BR><BR>For people like me who think that once you've seen a thousand short pine trees, there's no need to see another ten thousand; ten little fishing villages are enough and there's no need for another twenty, two weeks is too much.<BR><BR>And what bores your kids, and what makes them happy, matters.<BR><BR>So, consider flying to Halifax, driving up the NS coast to Cape Breton and taking the ferry to Newfoundland. There's a great old fort on the way to Sydney, and the ferry ride is an adventure in itself for the kids.<BR><BR>Then visit Newfoundland, driving to St. John's and leaving the car there and flying home.<BR><BR>Summer is a busy tourist time, and I suggest advaance reservations whenever possible, especially in St. John's.<BR><BR>If the childrten are so inclined, this trip would be a great time for them to learn (more?) about photography, with lots of intereting scenery, rivers and waterfalls and rocks and cliffs and beaches, fascinating architecture, interesting boats, and friendly people.<BR><BR>Remember that the water is very, very cold, so don't get them thinking they'll have a great time swimming.<BR><BR>BAK

Newfi Jan 22nd, 2003 02:25 PM

Summer this year in Newfoundland will be on july 25th.

Lucky Jan 22nd, 2003 06:10 PM

LOL!<BR>But, actually, when I visited last summer, temps were summerlike for TWO ENTIRE WEEKS!

Maurice Jan 25th, 2003 06:47 PM

They have summer in Newfoundland?<BR><BR> That would be the time when the 300 inches of snow should melt? A fellow from our company was working in St. Johns for a year. He cracked his tailbone when he slipped on the ice on May 31st. (Ok, Ok, it was a freak storm. But Newfoundland is such an easy target and they take the ribbbing good naturedly.)<BR><BR>Take home a souvenier bottle of Screech. I see on a Canadian Moment on TV that they've restored the Viking longhouses in Vineland... Get your picture taken in front of the &quot;Dildo - 1 mile&quot; or &quot;Welcome to Dildo&quot; signs. Teenagers probably find that funny. You can't miss Dildo - it's just up the road from Come-By-Chance.

Tanya Jan 26th, 2003 02:36 AM

I wouldn't suggest you fly into Halifax and take the ferry if your initial destination is Newfoundland. The drive from the airport in Halifax will take you at least 4 to 4.5 hours. The trip across to Newfoundland is time consuming as well. Usually it is an evening departure so means either staying in a hotel close to the ferry terminal until the ferry leaves or sitting in your car. Weather conditions can also affect if the ferry runs or not. My suggestion is fly directly into St. John's.

George Jan 29th, 2003 05:55 PM

My advice would be to take the full two weeks, if possible. Most visitors fall in love with the province &amp; its' people. We made our third visit this past summer and stayed the whole month of July in the eastern half. On our first trip we visited both coasts. We drove from Pennsylvania to North Sydney, NS and took the ferry to Argentia, only a short drive to St. John's. Leaving St. John's area we drove west on the Trans Canada and made a number of side trips, e.g. Bonavista, Twillingate, etc. Then drove north to St. Anthony on the Viking Trail. Returned to NS on the ferry from Port-aux-Basques. I believe we spent 17 days on this trip but only scratched the surface. The second trip was 3 weeks in the west and north. As others mentioned, Gros Morne would be the best area for day hiking. A list of &quot;must-sees&quot; would be too long. Make sure you consult the Travel Guide from Nfld. Tourism Dept. Comprehensive &amp; easy to use. Your children will certainly enjoy seeing the moose, caribou, and icebergs.

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