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Stay Away From Kingsbrae Arms

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Hard to believe Foder's listed this Inn in their "Top 20". Did you guys actually GO to this Inn?????? (See Below)

It was almost a perfect holiday in St. Andrews. Beautiful weather. Time alone with my husband. A skimpy nightie that didn?t make my thighs look big. It?s always sad when you have grand ideas of the perfect romantic holiday and things don?t go quite as you anticipated. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth for far too long after you return. But that?s exactly what happened the day we left the Kingsbrae Arms in St. Andrews.

Kingsbrae Arms is a 5 star historical Inn located on King Street in adjacent to the Kingsbrae Gardens. When I made my reservation, I spoke with a young lady that reeked of European snobbery. She was polite mind you, but I was afraid she would ask for references before my husband and I could make the reservation. Thankfully, she didn?t know I buy my shoes at Winners and merely asked for my credit card number. I tried not to choke on my Tim Horton?s coffee when she informed me that the price for the Carriage House Premium Suite is $850.00 ? per night. I had a sexy nightie and a big reason to indulge in a high-end Inn, so I finalized the reservation.

St. Andrews New Brunswick is an incredible town filled with the thoughtfulness and warm smiles of the locals. We were surprised when we checked into the Kingsbrae to find that warm hospitality didn?t carry over to our expensive accommodations. Our room was clean although the shower leaked water all over the ceramic tile and soaked the rug in front of the bathroom sink. We were told that the refrigerator in the room was ?loaded with pop and snacks.? There were 2 cans of Coke and a can of Club Soda. The bed was comfy with expensive linen. I like that ? especially for $850.00 per night.

Dinner was good. I say ?good?, because it wasn?t excellent. There were many courses of thimble-sized tastes of exotic food. It?s always creepy to not know what you?re eating. There are no choices ? you eat what is served to you. The first night we were served bloody red bison ? a terrible thing to witness when you?re a vegetarian as I am. Although my husband and I do not drink alcohol, I felt anguish for the other guests who had to pay $10.00 per glass to have wine served after each course. Keep the booze coming and perhaps we couldn?t taste the weird thimbles of food. We ended up having to beg for a cup of coffee after dinner each night. The staff had an agenda with port wines and dessert and coffee wasn?t supposed to be served until the very end. This anal fastidious behaviour was disturbing. Port wine, dessert, then coffee ? Say it then write it 100 times on the blackboard after school.

Now it?s my turn to be a snob. If you?re offended by snobbery, skip this paragraph. I love dinner china and have this terrible habit of turning over plates to see who manufactures it wherever we go. So it wasn?t unusual for me to turn the empty creamer upside down (Obviously, it?s empty because they didn?t want anyone thinking about coffee) to see who made the china. Royal Doulton? Royal Albert? This is an $850.00 per night 5 star inn ? I was certain it was going to blow my mind. And it did.

The maker of the creamer was ?Dollarama?. Yes indeed ? a $1.00 creamer on the table with expensive wines and thimblefuls of expensive food with spices I can?t pronounce. I became obsessed and turned over the sugar bowl ? Dollarama! The little dishes in our $850.00 per night room was also - Dollarama! Again, I became obsessed and started looking around our room. Was the shampoo really some French shampoo or did somebody pour Prell into the bottle and make it look expensive? The pretty mirror in the hallway of our room was framed in plastic ? a mirror I saw at Zeller?s last year. I looked suspiciously at the sheets and decided that I didn?t want to know ? it was just too damn personal.

Each day we came back from our romp around St. Andrews to find housekeeping had been there. In addition to leaving little mints on our beds they also left us another surprise ? our door was left unlocked each afternoon! Luckily, our laptop was still there, jewelry was in place despite their reckless oversight and despite our discussion with the manager it remained unlocked each afternoon.

The worst part came on the day we left Kingsbrae Arms. The phone rang in our suite promptly at 11:05 a.m. and we were informed by Miss European Snobbery that checkout time was 5 minutes ago and we would have to leave our room immediately or be charged for another day. I was in a towel and begged her for 45 more minutes to dress. She sighed and realized that throwing me out on the lawn with just a towel would be bad for business and agreed to the additional 45 minutes ? free of charge. I was too upset to go to the main office to checkout. My sweet husband signed for the bill and climbed back into the car. Here?s the important part: We were halfway to Halifax when I realized that the Kingsbrae Arms had quoted me $850.00 CAD and switched currencies to USD upon checkout. In other words, we thought the room was $850.00 CAD per night, when in fact it was $1114.00 CAD per night! What kind of Canadian hotel quotes prices in US dollars to Canadian customers? We were deceived. Somewhere between the excitement of the thimblefuls of food and Dollarama creamers, we were cheated.

I contacted Miss Snob-arama at Kingsbrae who refused to refund the difference. She said that their website indicates that their rooms are priced in US dollars. I didn?t make my reservation off their website. In fact, I never saw their website. But it didn?t matter to her. Legally, ?they were contractually covered?.

It?s a sad day for this Canadian girl when ?contractually covered? is more important than repeat business. Good luck, Kingsbrae Arms and don?t worry, I didn?t steal any of the Dollarama dishes.

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