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Susie Aug 14th, 1998 09:38 PM

Speed Limit on Trans Canadian Hwy
<BR> We will be traveling on the Trans Canadian #1 east of Calgary towards Medicine Hat. What is the speed limit? Is it a 2 lane roadway? We've got a long way to go (Chicago) and were wondering if TCH1 is better in terms of speed or going south and getting on Rte 2 in Montana.

Shelly Reichel Aug 15th, 1998 06:03 AM

Susie, were you planning on taking the TCH1 all the way to Manitoba or just to Medicine Hat? I think it would be advantageous to drop down to US2 instead of taking TCH1 all the way east. We're going to be driving from Michigan to Alberta and BC, but we've opted for US2 through Montana, and I94 across North Dakota. There are no daytime speed limits in Montana and I'm fairly confident that US interstate speed limits are higher than those across TCHI, but maybe someone else can help out here. Have a great trip!

Susie Aug 16th, 1998 07:09 PM

Thanks Shelly for your reply! I read somewhere that rest areas are few and far between on the TCH1, so we are just taking it to Medicine Hat and then, dropping south in Montanta to I94. Initially, I thought TCH1 east beyond Medicine Hat would be a nice scenic route with interesting stops. However, the limited info that I have obtained says it is a long and dreary drive. <BR>

Mike Aug 17th, 1998 05:53 PM

Susie, the Trans Canada speed limit is 100km/hr or approx 60mph. It's two lanes each way. With the US dollar the way it is, it may be cheaper to travel on the Canadian side (i.e. food, hotels, etc.) <BR> <BR>Mike <BR>

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