second part of our trip Ottawa


Sep 20th, 2010, 04:27 AM
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second part of our trip Ottawa

Well following a day and a half in Toronto,we were off to Ottawa to meet a cousin we did not know anything about until a couple of weeks before our trip.I had not been aware that my Grandfather had also had sisters in Canada.It seems that most of Scotland must of emptied out and moved to Canada in the early part of the last century !!
We had not planned to visit Ottawa,however when my cousin contacted me through a genealogy site and we discovery that she was living in Ottawa,we quickly organized a quick trip on the spur of the moment to meet her and her family as this is a once in a life time opportunity.
So we hire another car(we already had one booked later for our Falls trip)and booked our self into the Travel lodge down town in Ottawa for one night and decided to see how it went .
So on the Wednesday morning at 7am we picked up the hire car from Union station,being out about that early in the morning I was quite shocked at how many homeless people there was sleeping on the streets of Toronto.
We were having serious doubt at this point about this trip to Ottawa,as to be honest we had decided and booked this in such a rush,we were now having second thought as in honesty these people we were going to visit were really complete strangers to us .We knew that my cousins husband had been a Monty for 35 years so we decided to take a deep breath and enjoy the trip and if we did not get on with my cousin at least we had met her and we could go to the hotel after lunch and have a look around Ottawa,and what if my cousin had not off liked us either.
So off we headed ,With our maps ,route planners and a new sim card for our cell phone .Getting out of Toronto was straight forward once we got onto the Gardener express way and we had a good journey to Ottawa it was a very pretty drive and a few of the trees were beginning to change colour . We stopped for breakfast so that broke the journey up a little,we stopped at a *Denny's* just off the express way hubby said the coffee was good . We also stopped at a Tim Horton for a coffee a little later and had a walk around just to stretch our legs as it was a long journey .
We arrived at my cousins house and all those worries just drifted away We had a wonderful time in Ottawa and my cousin and her family are so lovely and we could not believe it when she opened the door as she looked so much like my eldest sister.When we arrived we had coffee and headed off to the RCMP museum and a tour around the stables to see some of the horses of the musical ride and of course we had to go to the shop .We also went to a lookout to see the river and across to Quebec,We had a drive around showing us the sights and then it was back to their house for a BQ dinner it was a really hot day so we ended up chatting and had dinner well after 8pm when it had cooled down,we met their daughter and her cute little dog a Boston Terrier , We ended up staying at my cousin's house as we were chatting well into the early hours of the morning I believe we finally went to bed in the early hours so on that first day so we never used the travel lodge in the end ,as it was a hours drive away from my cousins house ,so it was really pointless at that time in the morning and we had not even checked in by then.
We ended up staying in Ottawa for another day and we visited Ottawa's market and Parliament hill,What a pretty city Ottawa is,I loved the bronze statues of the ladies having tea on Parliament hill.And the beautiful war memorial .We had lunch at a Irish bar opposite Parliament and I tried Poutine which were nice and we also had a beavers tail later in the afternoon as a snack .We also visited a National park over in Quebec Gatineau and drove way up into the hills to a viewing spot and it was stunning ,then it was of to visit the trailer where my cousin spends most of her weekends during the summer it is right on the banks of the canals about an hours drive outside of Ottawa.It was a huge trailer I have never been inside a north American trailer (Caravan,that is what we call them at home)if our Caravans where as nice as them I would consider staying in one.
We went out for dinner and back to the house for drinks and family trees and of course we never got to bed until the early hours again,I do not think their daughter left to go to bed until well after 11.30pm and she had work the following day.So our trip to Ottawa was lovely and we are so pleased that we were brave enough to go after our doubts .
We left Ottawa early on Friday morning ,On the way back to Toronto we stopped at Kingston for lunch and a walk around,I liked this town and we saw more of it than we expected as this is the place we lost the car,we could not remember where we had left the car (how embarrassing )So we had a long walk checking out the car parks on the way.We were in no rush so it was funny really.
We arrived back into Toronto tired but happy after an easy journey from Ottawa .Finding Brookfield place Parking was stressful in the rush hour,bad timing on our behalf.
As we arrived back to Toronto early we returned to the Sheraton for a quick swim ,but it was to cold.
So we decided to have a dinner at* Kegs* that evening which was just down the road from the Sheraton it was very good ,the service was very good and all the members of staff that we met were really lovely and the food was good too,my steak was just right ,I like mine well done but most restaurants hate doing steaks well done so it was nice to have it the way I asked for ,hubby had his done rare and it was still "mooing" when it arrived We were seated right beside the fire which was lovely as it was really cold that night.
We could not believe how quiet Toronto was on Saturday morning,all the workers had gone home for the holiday weekend we assumed,we headed of to Kensington market and had breakfast ,I loved the market and brought far more than we needed ,We then did a sight seeing bus trip in an old London double decker bus.It was fun and very informative so we enjoyed it.Dinner was down at the harbour front in the evening.
Sunday morning was a street car to 944 King street (one of the places that my Mum and her family had lived )and we found it,I had thought it was the Hotel that was 944 but it was the house next door so we took a couple of photos and headed to Tim Horton's across the street for coffee and to get out of the rain.We noticed that everyone was heading down the street past Tim Horton so we followed to see what was going on and found the waterfront and the *EX *
We had the worst hot dog(I am not a lover of hot dogs anyway )for a snack and watched the air show the *snow birds *I believe they were called and headed back into Toronto to find Granby street /Anne street ,this was harder to find but we did find it and managed to take a couple of photos of that house as well.It was a longer walk than we had expected so my feet where hurting (I should of worn my trainers instead of sandals ,so it it was the evening in, after a swim in the pool watching T.V. and eating a yummy peach pie and fruit we had brought from Kensington market .I love the market and seeing the homes my Mum had lived in,so even with sore feet I felt I had a lovely day and I felt I may off seen a little bit of my Mum's Toronto and because everyone we came into contact with that day were so friendly I think I know why my Mum had loved canada so much.
Off to Niagara falls tomorrow for my birthday
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Sep 20th, 2010, 05:12 AM
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Hi gleaner, I'm glad it worked out so well with your cousin!

You might want to keep your trip report together on one thread or link it with the rest.

Here's a link to part 1 that I copied and pasted.
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