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jacolis Jan 3rd, 2018 01:04 PM

PEI/NB - 7 day couples' road trip - itinerary suggestions please!
Hi all,

Hubby and I have 7 days to explore NB/PEI. Looking for suggestions for an itinerary. We will be flying in/out of Moncton. We are interested in good food (seafood!) and scenery. My husband would be interested in things like the Bay of Fundy/Hopewell Rocks and driving across the Confederation Bridge. Not sure how to divide up the days between the two provinces.

We plan to spend one night at the Inn at Bay Fortune for my birthday. Tentatively thinking 2 nights Charlottetown and maybe 2 nights somewhere on the north shore near a beach? Would prefer somewhere less touristy. We won't have our kids with us so doesn't need to be a family place!

For NB, tentatively thinking 2 nights in Alma.

Grateful for any suggestions on how to divide up the nights of the trip.

Thanks in advance!

jacolis Jan 3rd, 2018 01:05 PM

Forgot to add that this would be early August. Thanks again!

NorthwestMale Jan 6th, 2018 09:33 PM

I wanna know if you've ever been to the area before... anywhere in the Maritimes?

If you have <I>lots</i> of things to do on PEI already listed in your plans, then OK, you might be able to fill up <b>four nights</b> worth of PEI...

But it takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to drive from Tignish to Charlottetown to East Point, covering the whole island.

At any rate, I think the first thing you do is to plot the tide times for a few spots in the area

and then make a beeline from Moncton to Hopewell Cape upon arrival. You want to <b>target low tide first</b>... (leaving the <I>possibility</i> for later on the trip that you return to view the high tide contrast)

But IF you've never been to the Maritimes before, I think you should consider spending 2 nights on PEI, and 2 nights in Nova Scotia (Cape Breton) with 2 other nights in NB.

IF indeed you want to stick with NB, then consider Miramichi...

but my suggestion to people flying into and out of Moncton, and spending 6 nights in the area, would be approximately this:


1. Moncton area (for my being unsure of your arrival time) (ideally you would find a low tide at Hopewell Cape you could explore on the evening you arrive, before doubling back and crossing the Confederation Bridge for the first of 2 nights on PEI) (... but you'd have to be doubly lucky)

2. Charlottetown (after Moncton to Hopewell Cape to PEI)

3. Another night, somewhere toward the east end of PEI...

4. Baddeck, NS area... <b>after ferry ride from PEI to Pictou, NS</b>

5. a 2nd night on Cape Breton, depending upon your impulse after a drive around the <b>Cabot Trail</b>.

6. maaaaaaaaaaaybe Alma, NB, depending upon how much time you have before your flight leaves on the 7th day... otherwise, still in the Moncton area for this 6th night.

<I>now if you've previously <b>been</b> to NS, then I recognize your initial vision of sticking with NB and PEI.</i>

jacolis Jan 12th, 2018 11:48 AM

Thanks very much for your feedback. I have been to Halifax and St. John's but hubby has not been to the Maritimes. We thought it might be too rushed to add on a third province. But it seems doable to add on Cape Breton if we take the ferry. How is the ferry crossing? Neither one of us is very good on boats!

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