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JayandPatty Jul 24th, 2005 09:02 PM

Message to BAK
You seem quite knowledgeable in the Montreal / Toronto corridor!

We have a limited amount of time ... and want to enjoy a scenic drive in a new roadster. We will be leaving Montreal on Saturday morning (July 30), and need to be in MKE Monday night. (Aug 1)

Any suggestions? We are thinking of driving over the top of the great lakes, through Sault Ste. Marie. The map shows road all along the lake shores .. how is that route? Is it better to go below the lakes and catch Niagra Falls?

Given that so much time is in the car, which is a more scenic drive? Are there any great Romantic B&B's / Restuarants / Pubs / Sites along the way?

We would like your expert advice!!!

Jay and Patty

Syv Jul 25th, 2005 09:06 AM

Where is " MKE "?
Do you only want replies from BAK?

The road past Sault Ste Marie is a nice country / forested / rocks drive. If you haven't been to Niagara Falls, why not do one way there, the other way back?

JayandPatty Jul 25th, 2005 07:22 PM

LOL ... MKE is Milwaukee! And no, we don't want replies just from BAK ... your thoughts are interesting, too!

Thank you

BAK Jul 26th, 2005 05:02 AM

I need to look ast a map.

I'll be back later today.

What kind of roadster?

New like brand new, or new liked used by someone else, and then new to you? (The route changes if it's a Fiat)


BAK Jul 26th, 2005 05:54 AM

This is not an easy question.

A whole lot depends on your personalities, and where you live.

Almost ten years ago I went to Milwaukee from Toronto by car, came back, went directly to the hospital, and watched my son arrive a couple of months early.

Are you urbanites, or do you really love hours of looking at trees?

And where is home? If you live in Wisconsin, that changes the route, becausae you can go see the Wisconsin scenery ny time you want.

And about 40 years ago I was driving from Toronto to Montreal, and noticed in my rear view mirror, comingup fast, the first moving XK-E I had ever seen. BRG, top down.

And it is a long drive from Montreal to Milwaukee, especially if you stop for touristy things.

You could go through Ottawa, then along the Ottawa River, etc., and head for The Soo, but you'll mostly be looking at forests, wth ccassional glimpses of water.

You will find some twisty roads, but because of the huge distances you need to cover, you don't really have much time to get off the main roads.

The best driving road I evr found runs north from Huntsville to the cottage of a man I once had to pjhtograph at his cottage on the edge of Algonquin Park, but you won't have tiime for finding sportscar roads.

And if you look carefully, most of the roads are back from the edge of the lakes, except in Michigan and Wisconsin.

This is what I'd do.

Leave Montreal early, with fine coffee and crossants in the car -- if you are allowed to eat in it.

Highway 401 east to Thousands Islands Parkway, then take this for a while so you are along the water, back to 401, and into Kingston for lunch, maybe.

Stretch your legs downtown, eat if you want, find the farmers' market (I think it is open Saturday)

FRom Kingston, stay along the water, drive by the prisons, and follow the lake shore to the Glenora Ferry to Prince Edward County.

Cross Prince Edward County through Picton, maybe, and Welington, for sure, back to 401 for a while, and then head for highway 2 through Cobourg and Port Hope.

I did a book a few years ago about walking tours in Ontario towns, and Picton, Cobourge and Port Hope were all in it. Nice scenic towns.

DEpending on budget, interests, etc., head for downtown Toronto, stay at le Germain Hotel, and enjoy the Toronto Entrtainment District on Saturday night.

Sunday morning -- Coffee from Second Cup at King and John (I might be there) and back in the car and take Lakeshore Blvd past Exhibition Place. You'll be on the same road as the Molson Canadian Grand Prix a couple of weeks ago, for part of this. Then follow the Lakeshore onto the Queen Elizabeth Way, to Ford Drive in Oakville. Down to Lakeshore Road, past the mansions, into and out of Oakville (might be a good place for Sunday breakfst) and follow the Lakeshore through Burlington.

Queen Elizabeth to St. CAtharines, through Nagara on the Lake, to Niagara FAlls, take the Maid of the mist.

....more, l;ate...


BAK Jul 27th, 2005 07:09 AM


From Niagra Falls on the second day, head toward Stratford in the afternoon. Lots of little hotels and B&Bs in Stratford, and you might even be able to see a play. But you'll probably arrive fairly late inteh afternoon, and a nice dinner would be a good end to the day.

Day three -- long drive to Windsor, Detroit, GAry, chicago, Milwaukee.


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