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RoadTrip Apr 22nd, 2002 09:40 AM

Hotels in Quebec City for 1 Night
We will be staying in Quebec city for only one night in August en route from Ontario to the Maritimes. We will be arriving in the early afternoon and would like recomendations on a nice hotel, in an area where there are some casual restaurants within a close walk of the hotel. <BR><BR>We would also like to keep the price under $150 if possible.<BR><BR>All opinions of properties welcomed!!

what Apr 23rd, 2002 09:51 AM<BR><BR>It is not under $150 but I have it booked for July. I don't think you will find much for under $150.

ttoper Apr 25th, 2002 02:02 PM

Someone, please ...

hm Apr 26th, 2002 10:33 AM

Why don't you stay a little bit out of the city center? Like by the airport. As you have a mode of transport, park somewhere by the old city and walk to hotels, etc. I would have done the same if I had a car, but I won't. I booked at May stay at ... now I can't remember the name of the hotel cause I researched so many! I'll check into it and let you know. It was reasonably priced (&lt;$100). For the city center, try Auberge du Tresor and Auberge St. Pierre. Also Hotel des Coutellier. I haven't stayed at any of these places, but they are in the old city, and for May their prices were what you want to spend.

RoadTrip Apr 26th, 2002 04:28 PM

Thanks for your reply. We really want to stay in the old city if at all possible. We're not terribly stuck on the $150 but as low as possible would be good with out staying in a dump. <BR><BR>Can anyone vouch for the hotles mentioned in hm's post?

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