Hotel in Tofino and Whistler

Aug 2nd, 2004, 10:17 AM
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Hotel in Tofino and Whistler

Hello to everyone...
can you recommend me a good hotel for Whistler and Tofino maybe on the 150 to 250 CDN range, if there is any?

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Aug 2nd, 2004, 07:35 PM
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We just came back from a trip to these parts and can tell you what we experienced. We stayed at the Delta in a very good rate...$139. for a 2 bedroom unit with everything you could ask for in the unit. It is a hotel with condo units...the best of both worlds. Great location. Service was good and the place was very clean. Tofino was a disappointment for us. It's a nice beach (but plenty just as nice in Ontario). The town is absolutely nothing...seems to collect transient types from all over the planet, which wasn't a problem, but they don't add much to the community. We stayed at Middle Beach Lodge, Lighthouse suite. Again, the accommodation was very nice and the staff very pleasant. The price was in the $140. area. We received a discount because my husband is over 60. Tofino is a nice place if all you want to do is chill. Bring a few good books and relax, but don't expect anything in the way of culture. And another important note...the highway from Nanaimo to Tofino is under construction. They close it for up to 2 hours at a time (yes 2 hours)! Check to see if they're done, but I doubt it. We managed to get held up at Cathedral Grove which was absolutely gorgeous, but don't count on that being where you'll get held up. They don't close the highway on Sundays. We're glad to say we visited, but we wouldn't go back (except for storm season if we could guarantee a storm!) Certainly there a people who would disagree with us. It just didn't offer anything special to us.
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Aug 3rd, 2004, 07:13 AM
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Re: 15kids'post:

My husband and I will be spending four nights in the Tofino area (Long Beach Lodge) in September. Perhaps some other posters can weigh in here, since we've never been there before, but I didn't plan on soaking up "culture" necessarily on that leg of our trip. I was under the impression that the area is so popular more for its beauty, hiking, kayaking, whale-watching, etc.

Also, is there a way for us to check the highway conditions from Nanaimo to Tofino when we arrive on the Island?
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Aug 3rd, 2004, 02:15 PM
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Marthaf9, when are you planning to visit? Prices in both Whistler and
Tofino vary a fair amount depending on your timeframe.

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Aug 4th, 2004, 07:06 AM
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Here's the web site for highway closures on Vancouver Island.
I'm sorry that not everyone can see the beauty of Tofino and surrouonding area. The area has one of the last few remaining old growth temperate rainforests in the world. If eco-tourism is not your thing then don't come. Of course we don't all like the same thing. I've seen Ontario's beaches so don't know where that comment was coming from but never mind.
If you want a good site for Tofino accommodations then here's the Chamber of Commerce site.
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Aug 4th, 2004, 08:42 AM
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I too am sorry that Tofino isn't to everyone's taste, but looking on the bright side, it means that there's more room in the always-tight accommodations market!

If you're interested in a holiday that involves theatre, museums and so on, then yes, Tofino isn't for you. But if you want a break from that sort of holiday and want to walk on beautiful beaches, on trails through the rain forest against a backdrop of mountains, or just want to sit on your verandah and listen to the waves crashing onto the sand...then come to Tofino.
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Aug 4th, 2004, 03:54 PM
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Quite a lukewarm review of Tofino,
after so many glowing ones in the past! I'm guessing weather, too, could play a role. This poster mentions perhaps finding it neat during a storm. I wonder if they had sun now, or just grey, but boring weather??

We'd considered a fair amount of time, too, for this region this coming Fall, & have wondered in the past how it compares to the Gulf Islands & San well as to the Olympic Peninsula/coast of Washington state.
Got a few replies re: that.
I know it's hard to compare.
But, we do love those other regions & sort of expect it to be similar enough, that we're thinking we shouldn't combine them on this trip? (albeit a short stay on Salt Spring on the way there is tempting)

Any further opinions/thoughts on this thread, encouraged!
*Please* don't be reluctant to post, if you don't see Tofino area as "all that." I think it's important that all opinions get voiced here, as
there all types of travellers out there.
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Aug 4th, 2004, 03:57 PM
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Also, "15kids"
could you share more re: Middle Beach Lodge. Were you totally content w/it & its setting/location? (or was it part of your so-so experience?)
We're considering this place, as well as the other lodges nearby. Would appreciate any further recommendations. Was the Lighthouse Suite in the Headlands part of the Middle Beach Lodge? (do you think that area seemed nicer than the "adults only" area) Thanks!
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Aug 9th, 2004, 02:43 PM
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Hi to everyone... again.
Sorry for the late answer.
We're planning to travel to Tofino in middle September for 3 nights, and after that, we're going to go to Whistler.
Also, We're going to go to Bowen Island only for a day, can anyone help us with some activities to do? We like a lot to hike.
Thanks all of you for the interesting comments.
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Aug 9th, 2004, 08:04 PM
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Martha, park your car at Horseshoe Bay and hop on the Capilano Queen, a 20 min. ferry ride. It's a mini-mini-cruise, offering views up spectacular Howe Sound and the various islands.

If the weather is good, I'd definitely suggest a guided kayak tour with Bowen Island Kayaking, tel. 1.800.60.KAYAK or 604.947.9266. BIK is located to the immediate right as you disembark the ferry. Bowen is one of several larger islands in Howe Sound, with lots of islets especially on the south side. I've done several tours with them over the years, and enjoyed every one of them.

I'd then end with dinner at Blue Eyed Mary's, tel. 604.947.2583 (reservations a must). It offers excellent food and is again located right in Snug Cove.

For first time hikers, I'd suggest Killarney Lake, a lovely 45 min. hike with varied terrain. I'm guessing it's about a 45 min. walk from the ferry terminal, up a steep hill and then a fairly level grade along Mt. Gardner Road.

Bowen also has a visitor's information bureau, which I'm guessing will only be open on weekends in September. Hiking trail maps are available there.

A start to your visit... enjoy.


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Aug 12th, 2004, 07:42 AM
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WE stayed at the WEstin but make sure you ask for a room looking out on the mountains as some of the rooms don't and that is what made it so special.
Look on website or go to for good rate.
Also, check out edgewater lodge.
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Aug 13th, 2004, 07:21 PM
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I lived for years in Southern Ontario, and except for maybe Sauble, nothing compares to Long Beach, Tofino that I've seen in Canada. My family is in tourism so I'll take any challenges.

It is a small town, reflective of a laid-back culture and just far enough removed that it isn't overtaken by the city dwellers and vacationers. I loved it. Stay at the Middle Beach Lodge, or for a splurge, the Wickanninnish. We didn't at either (due to $) but loved the small in-town inn.

If you don't like kayaking, hiking, surfing, fishing, boating, or watching the sea, you won't like Tofino. It's pretty wild but one of the most beautiful places the country has to offer.
Aug 16th, 2004, 11:29 AM
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Hi, was in Tofino 2 years ago and LOVED it. The Middle Beach was wonderful-our room was a bit small but a gr8 view of the beach. The staff was very friendly and the one dinner we had there excellent. The Wickannish is a member of Relaix& Chateau-the governing body for some of the worlds finest establishments. It is quite pricey, but the service is superb, the food divine and the view amazing.At least have lunch there. It is true that tofino is not quite mundanely urbane, but if you want city excitement go to Vancouver.We had a nice whale watching trip with an informative native guide.There are some nice galleries-Roy Vickers(I think that's the name-cant miss it-huge building that looks like a long house)is extremely well known.We found Tofino a wonderful place to kick back b4 heading to Whistler. Be sure and stop at Cathedral Grove on the way to Tofino. Even if your faith is shaky, you will get a sense of a higher power there. And if you have time, try to hit Salt Spring Island on your way to Whistler. Quite frankly, except for the mountains and scenery around Whistler, I was not all that impressed. Our expression for Whistler is-the scenery takes your breath away and the town takes your cash!If you go there, be sure and have a burger at the Irish pub whose name eludes me now(big help there). Also you may think about staying at a B&B instead of a hotel, it will be cheaper and you will not have to pay for at least one meal.
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