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samanthaweninger4603 Nov 29th, 2019 11:54 PM
I need some advice on booking with
I have only booked a third party once in 2010 from Canada- Puerto Rico. I booked flights for 10 people and I never had an issue. We all got there with no delay or problems. I am wondering if I should go with We have a family trip to Mexico in January 2020 and I already booked a town house. The problem is the airlines are soo darn expensive I can't eve believe it. In 2017 when we went to Mazatlan Mexico (4 people) it was 2200.00 for four of us through westjet. NOW, for 5 people to Ixtapa Mexico.. (an extra child since we have a toddler) 5 tickets are over 5,000.00! We just cannot afford that and it means we would have to leave our kids at home. That saddens me so much. So, I was on third party looking. I read reviews after reviews with cheap air and travelocity ect.. and expedia is the only one where I noticed they had some decent reviews. My question is... what could go wrong with buying flights (not hotels). I want flights.. and it looks like we will go from Vancouver BC, to Mexico City with a layover and then Ixtapa. Same airports coming home as well. I am sooo nervous about going into Mexico City airport.. but it seems to be the only route and I am wondering if it is possible for something to happen like Expedia cancel our tickets in Mexico City or NOT have booked with the airline. Can I call the airlines to make sure? How would one approach this....

mlgb Nov 30th, 2019 11:03 AM

If you book on Expedia you will be issued a record locater and a Ticket ID. Then you know you have a confirmed seat.

Southam Dec 2nd, 2019 05:36 AM

Standard advice: Book directly with the operating airlines whenever possible. They run the flights and deal with difficulties. They can also push booking confusions back to the agency if one was was involved. Airlines set the ticket prices. The days of carriers offering some sort of bulk discount or last-minute bargain to a ticket agency are, for the most part, long gone. Direct booking also can make advance seat selection easier.

Part of your price dilemma may have to do with the difference between a non-stop flight and a one-stop connection. I can see one-stop tickets on your route at half the price of non-stop, or even less. But the travel takes much longer, including the inconvenience of the transfer. That's a standard kind of consumer decision in many areas of life.
PS: I think the widest range of flight choice can be found at but it only provides information without selling tickets.

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