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HannahBeth Jun 8th, 2009 05:57 PM

Driving clockwise around Nova Scotia with a stop in PEI, then to Halifax
We've got limited time to do what we'd like to do in Nova Scotia!

In 3 days and two nights:

We'd like to leave July 13, Monday morning from Halifax, drive to PEI, stop to see the Anne of Green Gables house in PEI National Park, then drive south, cross the ferry back to NS, then east to Cape Breton Island - cover all or a portion of the Cabot Trail, stopping at a few places along the way to sight see. After this, we'd want to be back to Halifax on Thursday July 16, for the International Tall Ship Festival.
Staying overnight somewhere along the way twice, or possibly thrice (last night on the road Weds. night) on our way back to Halifax.

Are we crazy?

Would it be possible at all to do this much driving, and still appreciate the journey along the way?

Is it possible to drive to PEI from Halifax and see the Anne of Green Gables site in one day?
And is it possible to see the Cabot Trail properly in two days and one night?
Any B&B suggestions?

Any advice would be appreciated!

toedtoes Jun 8th, 2009 07:21 PM

With only 3 days, I would limit your trip to your number one desire: PEI, Cape Breton OR Halifax. Otherwise, you're on the road more than you're enjoying the sights.

Halifax to PEI = about 3-1/2 hours
PEI to Cheticamp = about 6 hours
Cheticamp to Halifax = about 5 hours.

It sounds like you'll be staying in Halifax for the festival, so you might want to spend the 3 days on PEI and enjoy the island and then head back to Halifax for the festival.

Mactimes3 Jun 8th, 2009 08:21 PM

I second the vote for choosing. If you drive to PEI just to see the Anne of GG site you have wasted you time. You know it is not real. There never was an Anne of GG and this is not even the house where LMM grew up. It is the vegas version of the Island, all hoopla and not the best scenery. Totally not worth the trip. Have a great time in Halifax and the Cabot Trail and save PEI for another time when you can come see what we really have to offer.

HannahBeth Jun 9th, 2009 05:01 AM

Thanks to both who have responded! We'll be looking at shortening the trip down. I especially appreciate the driving times given!

NorthwestMale Jun 9th, 2009 10:44 AM

I don't know which way I was going to lean before reading the other responses... I know somebody who spoke of wishing she were going to PEI just because of Anne of Green Gables, so I respect that.

I myself am somewhat convinced by the other replies that it might be too great an effort to include PEI for that alone.

Also, with the Cabot Trail being so grand, you don't want to reduce your window of (hope) to something so small that FOG could render the whole thing useless.

Given what you've offered, I would reserve MONDAY night AND TUESDAY night in a place near Baddeck, NS. Then, on Tuesday, if the sun is out and the day is clear, GO and make the Cabot Trail loop. IF it is foggy, then go to Sydney and see some of the various attractions there.

Wednesday morning you could awaken in Baddeck again and then have your pick of doing the Sydney stuff, or heading back down south.

IF the awesome tides in the Bay of Fundy are of interest, you might even consider the long haul that is Baddeck-Moncton,NB... 260 miles... then down to Hopewell Cape

(LOW TIDE is at about 12:30pm that day, so you'd need to adjust your place of lodging to make that reachable for you, if interested)

Upon return from Hopewell Cape to Halifax, consider the path from Sackville, NS to Parrsboro, NS, and then along the bay shore to Truro, NS. On into Halifax from there.

If Hopewell Cape is simply too far to suit you, then maybe "Pictou, NS" for a place to stay and enjoy, after your trip to Cape Breton.... but do make it near the Bay of Fundy at low tide, just to walk waaaaaaaaaay out on the ocean floor.

The tide tables are available here:

Find maybe 3 specific points of potential interest... click on the names, and set the dates to YOUR window of time in the area, and then PRINT THEM OUT to have with you, as handy reference material.

toedtoes Jun 9th, 2009 11:59 AM

NorthwestMale - shame on you! Now you're just giving the poor thing MORE things to try to include in her 3 day trip. :-d

Isn't this always the case: too much to see, too little time.

HannahBeth Jun 11th, 2009 05:21 AM

Quite a few things to consider here. We're going to Middleton, NS for a wedding, so we'll be near the Bay of Fundy.

Have you ever done the hiking trails in Cape Breton National Park?

LJ Jun 11th, 2009 07:21 AM

Oh, Middleton is one of my favourite towns...but it is a heck of distance from Cape Breton! Are you trying to do all this in 3 days?

Why not hike Kejimikujjik? it is only an hour away from Middleton...then on to Lunenburg and/or the Seaside Adjunct of Kej for a nice relaxing swim?

OceanBreeze1 Jun 11th, 2009 12:42 PM

I have done most of the hiking trails in CB National Park. You are in for a real treat.
In order for you to determine your driving times/distances you may want to take a look @
Just type in Charlottetown/Baddeck; Halifax/Charlottetown; Middleton/wherever & you will get a really good idea of how much you want to do.
I agree w/ NorthwestMale when he suggests a "fog day". There is no point "going around" the Cabot Trail if you can't see a darn thing. It's also dangerous driving in the fog.

HannahBeth Jun 28th, 2009 11:48 AM

Thanks all, absolutely fantastic advice - I'll post our trip itinerary and then after, I will report on the trip. You guys/gals are great.

Tanya Jun 29th, 2009 05:13 AM

If you are in Middleton for a wedding, why not simply explore that area of the Province. There is a lot to see and do. The Annapolis Valley is breathtaking itself and the town of Wolfville is a charming. If you are there on a Saturday, don't miss the Farmer's Market - one of the best of local produce and food plus music. Take a drive out to Hall's Harbour and enjoy a lobster dinner on the wharf. Great wineries, local spots to eat, etc. I would also recommend you take a detour on your way to Halifax through Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, etc. Spend a day in this area and then travel into Halifax for a night. Trying to squeeze in PEI and Cape Breton with a three day itinery is way to ambitious. Halifax is worthy of a couple of days to relax and enjoy the sites and sounds of the Tall Ships.

NorthwestMale Jul 7th, 2009 10:21 AM

I just wanted to add that IF you were to restrict yourself to southern NS, and still wanted a good hike... "Cape Split" is a good destination!

I am NOT a hiker, but this one took me 5 hours round trip while going alone on a chilly March day with snow on the ground.

Since I was there, I believe the province has purchased all of the land, and perhaps improved the path. (there was no actual "path" when I was there, and that is why the snow helped, so I could keep track of where others had been walking)

The good part is, that upon reaching the northern-most point on the hike, you're out on a bluff, surrounded by the world's highest tides rustling around down below, in the middle of the Bay of Fundy.

As much water flows through the narrow area between Cape Split and the northern shore in a typical day as flows through ALL of the rivers on earth during an average 24 hours.

Mactimes3 Jul 7th, 2009 04:55 PM

Now I have to put Cape Split on my wish list, never even heard of it before. A

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