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Drive from Hope to Lytton to Lillooet to Pemberton to Whistler


Jun 11th, 2011, 05:13 PM
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Drive from Hope to Lytton to Lillooet to Pemberton to Whistler

My search for hits on Lytton, Lillooet, and Pemberton here at Fodor's has yielded me exactly nothing other than a similar kind of request back in 2009 which got no responses. The reason for that search is that my wife and I want to drive to Whistler on that route and are seeking to learn if that desire is misplaced. Microsoft Streets and Trips tells me that the distance is 189 miles and that the trip would "take" four hours and 33 minutes. We understand full well that driving on mountain roads would require a lot more time and we are in no hurry whatsoever. My AAA map shows the road between Hope and Lytton to be scenic. The stretch between Lytton and Lilloet is not so designated. However, the remainder of the route is also marked as scenic. We'll be doing the drive in late May of next year so we don't anticipate snow to be a problem.

Our reasons for wanting to drive this road are multiple:

1. We drove from Vancouver to Lytton almost 25 years ago and spent the night there before doing a white water trip down the Thompson back to Lytton from Spence's Bridge. We have laughed so much about the night in Lytton that we just have to return to take another look.
2. We love back roads and isolated country provided the roads are decent, i.e., paved to a reasonable level.
3. We want to spend one night in Whistler but don't want to drive up and back from Vancouver on the same road.

Putting aside the potentially boring aspects of the drive, is there some reason any of you can offer that would tell us this not a good idea and, if so, why?

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Jun 12th, 2011, 01:21 PM
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Big Blue, We drove that route and thoroughly enjoyed it. From what I remember it was all paved , good road and all very scenic. I see no reason not to do it.. I just think it's not the most popular way, but certainly worth doing. Isn't Lytton the 'hottest' spot in Canada? Seems to me the hottest temp ever recorded was there. We learned this when we were there. We enjoyed watching the rafters.
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Jun 12th, 2011, 01:58 PM
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Your drive will take you past Seton Lake which is spectacular. The colour of the water is a beautiul turquoise and you can see the colour as it flows into the river as well. The road is not bad at all we did it years ago in a camper and had no problems with the road (ended up spending a couple of nights along the way as there were lots of spots to pull into. It is a lovely drive. If you like back roads you will definitely enjoy this one (as long as it isn't raining - can be very dreary) Google Seton lake to pictures and info.
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