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stillhouse Mar 12th, 2004 05:32 PM

Buffalo Mountain Lodge
Buffalo Mountain Lodge has been highly rated in several articles/guide books and has received good feedback in posting. However, I checked AAA and they describe it as a small hotel with exterior corridors. Sounds like a motel 8. Can someone reconcile these descriptions?

Borealis Mar 12th, 2004 10:32 PM

Buffalo Mountain Lodge is nothing like a motel 8!!!
Although we have never stayed there, we actually dined in their dining room recently (a few weeks ago), and I can tell you that it is a very attractive property (exterior) in the style of a log cabin - and it's a fairly large complex of "log" buildings (I can't think of a better description than "log", but basically what I mean is that the "log cabin" look is used for finishing and decorating the exterior and also the main lobby and the dining room.)
They do have a website with photos (check out the photo gallery):

By the way, the dinner we had was very good (although in our opinion not as good as Post Hotel in Lake Louise or Le Beaujolais in Banff).

deborahmcginnis Mar 14th, 2004 02:25 PM

We stayed at BML last summer & it was great. We stayed in a "Premier" room on the advice of someone on this forum. Never regretted it. The outside entrances are actually very nice. It's like having a small cabin to yourself. We were on the ground floor and had a front door & back door with a little porch w/chairs. The upper rooms had balconies, I think. The "Lush" bath bombs purchased in the town were great in the big clawfoot tub after walking what must have been 200 miles that day (well it seemed like it once I sat down that evening).

maj Mar 18th, 2004 02:04 PM

I agree totally with the above posting. We stayed there for 4 nights last year in a basic (cheaper) room and were very pleased with our accommodations. The room was large with all the amenities (tv, coffee, bottled water, extra towels, etc.). It was clean, quiet and felt very private. We were on the second floor with a small, private balcony with a small table and chairs and a wood burning fireplace that they restocked with wood daily.(and I am sure the deluxe rooms are even nicer) The building we stayed in had 2 floors with an outside stairway in the middle with 3 doors on each floor. It was connected with another building with the same configuration. I'm probably not explaining this very well--but the complex wasn't just a long building with a long outside corridor like I picture a Motel 8. It is so hard to picture what things look like and where they are located when you've never been to an area. I found this forum very good and pretty accurate before we went. People have different ideas and preferences, but I don't remember reading a negative review of this Lodge--and was very pleased with it. I think Borealis and Judy have great info--I love reading their postings-we really enjoyed the area and reading about it brings back alot of memories. Have a great trip.

Sabine_Cordes Mar 18th, 2004 03:19 PM

I think Buffalo Mountain Lodge is a great place! Get one of the premier rooms with a fireplace and huge bathrooms! It's quiet and peaceful. The restaurant onsite is very good as well. We really enjoyed our stay there -- and it had to be good, we had two days of solid rain to contend with!

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